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There’s a new comparison site that aims to help internet users protect their privacy. The VPN guide aims to help as many internet users as possible keep their privacy under wraps. Both business owners and casual internet users can benefit from using a VPN service. But what is a VPN?

What Does A VPN Do?

Most know that every computer has an IP address. This is given to a computer via an ISP, which is essentially to figure out where a computer is in the world. In some cases, it’s pretty close to an exact address. To many people, this is a frightening thought. Some people don’t know about this at all. Those that do know this often use VPN to make sure their privacy is protected.

VPN services mean a person can change their geographic location. A VPN overrides the existing IP address that has been assigned to a computer by default. All data traffic is also encrypted, stopping third party companies from getting a hold of it.

This is especially important if a computer is being taken from place to place. It can be all too easy to leak important, sensitive information when travelling with a computer and connecting to open networks.

Benefits Of Using A VPN

There are many benefits to using a VPN. A VPN can be used by a person, or a business/company. When a VPN is being used in an office, the need for leased, expensive call lines can be eliminated. As VPNs encrypt all data, the connection is safer through public servers. Even those who say they have nothing to hide in terms of sites visited and messages sent can have their passwords and usernames stolen if a VPN is not used.

Finding The Right VPN Service

The VPN service is extremely helpful, but finding the right company is important. Not all companies are created equal. Some offer different levels of service, and some can’t be trusted. This is why using a comparison site is helpful in finding the right VPN service. Comparing features and pros/cons becomes really simple. Reading reviews is also helpful, so it’s easy to get an idea of what to expect.

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