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The Smart Green Summit & Awards, held on the 16th of December in Mumbai saw the biggest industry stalwarts from the sustainability space. The event also saw the presence of popular actress and activist, Dia Mirza who spoke about sustainability in urban modern living.

Focusing towards a sustainable future, Dia Mirza (Actor and Green Crusader) along with Sanjay Puri, (Architect) shared her unique view point on this concept adding “There’s one fact that kind of opened something in my mind, and I hope it’ll inspire more people to improve their idea of progress and development. India has the second largest population on the planet that is fighting for space on 7% of the land on this planet. And in that 7%, we need to find a way to exist with our forests, the species that keep these forests alive. We must learn to co-exist with this biodiversity, because all of our progress will be pointless if we don’t have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink in the next 20 years”.