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It’s can sometimes be difficult to find the right part for your car when you need a replacement. But now, thanks to Karl’s Car Parts, a leading online car parts retailer, things are about to get a lot easier for drivers. The retailer not only offers a wide selection of car parts for many different makes and models, but it also has a tool embedded on its website that makes the process of finding the car parts you need a lot easier.

Karls’ Car Parts ship in parts from all over the world and pride themselves on their rapid fulfillment, as well as their links to the car manufacturing industry. Right now, the company specializes in helping customers to find parts for muscle and hot rod cars. The company’s goal is to provide parts for all cars, no matter what the make and model, at the lowest prices possible.

Parts Selector

When it comes to choosing the right parts for their cars, most people don’t know which are compatible. But Karl’s Car Parts’ website “Select a Vehicle” tool helps make this process a lot easier. All customers need to do is select the year that their car was made, the make (i,e, Dodge), the model and the submodel or variant, and then the website’s behind-the-scenes technology will display all compatible parts stocked for that particular vehicle. Customers can choose from hundreds of different parts, from cabin air filters to wiper blades to brake rotors.

Once customers have entered the make and model of their car and arrived at the results page, they can use the site’s sidebar to narrow down their search even further. Each item in Karl’s Car Parts database is ascribed a category, like “fuel and ignition” or “exhaust systems,” giving customers the tools that they need to find what they are looking for.

The website also has a widget that remembers which car you are currently shopping for. If you have multiple cars – for instance, if you have a regular runaround as well as a muscle car – you can use the tool in the sidebar to switch between them, and the website will only display parts that are suitable for each.

Of course, there’s no obligation to use the parts selectors tool if you know the aftermarket solution that you’re looking for. The entire website parts list is divided into useful categories making it simple to navigate and find what you need. Customers are able to shop by drivetrain, exhaust, cooling, intake, suspension, engine, brakes, wheels and tyres, as well as mobile electronics and fluids.


Each part stocked by the firm is also categorized by brand. Currently, Karl’s Car Parts stocks well over 100 different brands, which the company says are able to fulfil all of its customer’s needs, no matter what parts they might be in the market for. Brands include DC Sports. Gorilla, NOS, Turbonetics and WELD Racing among many others.

Get In Touch

Those who are interested can get in touch with Karl’s Car Parts by telephone, over social media, as well as by email. They can also learn more about the company’s policies on the help and FAQs page.

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