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(Crewe, Cheshire) – Team Rewards (, the leading provider of employee benefit platforms, proudly presents its Holiday Scheme. This is in line with their commitment of delivering employee benefits that make a difference.

The Holiday Scheme is designed to help companies provide a competitive benefits platform for their employees. Through this scheme, employees can choose to extend their vacations via salary sacrifice or earn more money by selling some of their holiday entitlements.

Should employers avail of this platform for their personnel, they will have access to an HMRC compliance documentation, a dedicated customer service, and the authority to manage holiday buying, holiday selling, or both. Team Rewards will also manage this scheme for busy employers in order to reduce their administrative tasks.
Since the Holiday Scheme is under the salary sacrifice arrangement of the UK government, both employees and employers shall benefit from it. Employees will have a means to earn more by giving up some of their holiday entitlements. Should employees sell their holiday leave, 1/260th of their gross basic salary will be added to their net income. On the other hand, employers will be able to save money from salary costs and pay less insurance.
Team Rewards has expressed that this platform is favoured by both employees and their employers. According to them, “Our Holiday Scheme really appeals to employees looking to take extra days off to spend more time with family or to extend their annual leave”.
Employers can also opt to build their own benefits platform to address the needs of their employees. They can choose to combine a standard platform with other benefits or ask Team Rewards to come up with a unique platform for their company.

Aside from offering benefit platforms, Team Rewards also offer other services like employee engagement, communications, total rewards statements, and many others. Interested parties who would like to avail Team Reward’s Holiday Scheme or those who would like to learn more about the various benefit platforms that they offer can visit the website

About Team Rewards

Through providing this type of service to businesses, they aim to help employers motivate their personnel through various compensation schemes. Their valued clients include corporations such as Toyota, Nissan, The Body Shop, Vauxhall, and many others. You can contact Team Rewards by filling out the contact form on their website: They also address enquiries on their phone number 0845 0777 075 and through their email