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Southampton, UK –, a UK based health and fitness training centre, now offers bespoke training programs that are developed keeping in mind the needs of the trainees from all possible walks of life. The health and fitness training programs focus on individual challenges and goals more than anything else and test the existing levels of fitness of their trainees. Based on the individual needs of the trainees, the trainers then develop bespoke training programs for their trainees. Matt Orchard, the chief trainer and also the key man behind the training programs, claimed that their training approach is always conversational and friendly.

The training programs developed by Matt and his team always leave room for queries and discussion, whereas the team also aims to address the queries related to the purpose or goals of the training programs. Matt, an experienced health and fitness trainer himself, believes that these training programs can well be delivered in home environments, out in the local parks or at local fitness studios. also offers now programs that are designed to help people develop their athletic potentials.

Matt Orchard, the chief trainer, has a background in Applied Sports Science, and he perfectly knows how to use cutting-edge scientific techniques for adjusting the fitness level of the trainees and how to develop bespoke training plans for suiting individual needs. Matt aims to coach his trainees in a rather professional and structured manner. He thinks that the scientifically designed training programs offered by he and his team can help everybody get competition-ready.

At present, offers Group Training, Personal Training, Wedding-Ready (a special training program for people who want to get in shape before their marriage), Sports Specific Training, while Matt and his team is now trying to develop more innovative training programs as well.

“Orchard Personal Training focuses on every individual during each training session. The training program is solely about the individuals attending the workshops and training programs. Our fitness training programs are designed to help people in pursuing and achieving their goals. Whether someone wants to drop extra pounds or just tone up their muscles a bit, they can almost always expect positive results if they follow our program closely”, said Matt.

About the Company is a Southampton, UK based health and fitness training centre.

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