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Top urgent care Los Angeles facility, Vermont Urgent Care, is a facility that provides cost effective medical attention to those suffering from non-emergency situations. Vermont Urgent care accepts most types of insurance, including HMO and PPO. A visit to an urgent care facility is less expensive than then cost of an emergency room or hospital visit. Also, patients at urgent care Los Angeles will find that wait times will generally be shorter. The team at Vermont Urgent Care strives to provide a comfortable experience for all of their patients.

Vermont Urgent Care has made providing excellent patient care their priority for over 40 years. The staff here are your best choice in urgent care Los Angeles, they pride themselves on being caring and attentive to each and every person that comes through their doors. Their experience and dedication has made them one of the most trusted medical facilities in Los Angeles. Urgent care Los Angeles has a staff that does not find the need to rush through patient appointments, and treats every patient with the kindness and the attention they deserve.

Patients looking to visit urgent care Los Angeles who want experienced doctors and nurses should visit Vermont Urgent Care. They will receive the quality care and attention they need to get healthy and back on their feet. Appointments, although helpful, are not necessary and wait times will still be less than those at an emergency room. Follow-up appointments with urgent care Los Angeles can also be scheduled to ensure a full recovery.

About Vermont Urgent Care

Prominent urgent care Los Angeles provider, Vermont Urgent Care, has benefited numerous patients in the greater Los Angeles area. With their extensive knowledge and dedication to the medical field, they have become the first choice for those seeking medical attention. Make an appointment at: , or visit their facility located at 1435 S. Vermont Ave #100, Los Angeles, CA 90006 (213.386.2511).

Company Name: Vermont Urgent Care
Phone Number: 213.386.2511
Address: Los Angeles, CA