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“Be like a diamond; precious and rare, not like a stone that is found everywhere” – Ritu Ghatourey

Who doesn’t love diamonds? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend they say but that can’t be thoroughly agreed upon! Such a beautiful thing and it gets to be the best friend of only half of the humanity? No, diamonds should be for everyone. The diamond club brings their customers breathtaking diamond jewellery. Based in Perth, this jewellery store delivers engagement rings, highest quality certified diamonds and a wide variety of jewellery pieces at an affordable price. Pierre Joubert founded Diamond Club in 1983 and today it has turned into one of the most well-known and reputed jewellery stores in Perth with an international presence. Yes, now they are also available in Pretoria, South Africa! And if any customer ever wants to talk to the jeweller of this house, they would most probably end up talking with Pierre himself.

The Diamond Club is not only a diamond operator but also a valuator and manufacturer! They have the benefits of designing custom made gold and platinum jewellery and keep a full-time valuator in their staff. They make diamond engagement rings and every type of platinum and diamond jewellery onsite which means it brings substantial savings for the customers. Not only that, Diamond Club offer their diamonds at wholesale prices and these are high-quality, conflict-free and internationally certified. The Diamond Syndicate of Diamond Club has one of the largest diamond databases in the world with more than 1000000 diamonds available to them which means that there is almost a hundred percent guarantee that they would find their customer the perfect diamond. To just make people understand here is a list of certifications that Diamond Club has:
• European Gemological Laboratory (EGL): Recognized around the globe for their accuracy and integrity.
• Gemological Institute of America (GIA): The world’s foremost authority on diamonds
• Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA): The world’s foremost independent diamond grading and certification laboratories.
• International Gemological Institute (IGI): Located in 14 countries around the world, IGI is the largest independent laboratory for grading and evaluating diamonds.
• HRD Antwerp (HRD): One of the world’s most respected diamond certificates
• Professional Gem Sciences Inc. (PGS): PGS Certified Diamonds wholesale at around 8% less than similar clarity & color EGL certified diamonds
• AGS Laboratories (AGS): The organization that pioneered the Ideal Cut Grade for the Round Brilliant diamond.
So when it comes to purity and guarantee of diamonds, that’s one area that the customer definitely does not need to have any worries about.

Another amazing feature that Diamond Club offers is designing customized jewellery. So the client gets to choose the stones and metals of his choice and provide his own design. It is a wonderful way to find out unique designs and encourage artistic ideas from among the clients.

Contact Diamond Club today at +61 8 9301 5880 or visit their store whose address is mentioned below.
The Diamond Club Pty Ltd
C4/165 Grand Boulevard
Western Australia
You can also e-mail at

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