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Superior Cleaning Equipment, Inc., a leading dealership for industrial cleaning and environmental equipment systems, has recently been hailed as the number one Water Maze Dealer in the United States. Water Maze is known all over the nation as the top manufacturer of industrial waste water treatments and has been around since 1989. A leader in delivering innovative technology for processing waste water created by various industries, the company has already installed over 11,000 Water Maze systems worldwide. Each year, they award their top dealers for helping the company stay above other manufacturers of industrial waste water treatment. SCE has received the award 8 of the last 15 years.

Apart from being Water Maze’s top dealer, Superior Cleaning Equipment Inc. is also a major dealer for many other big name brands, including Landa, IPC Eagle, Cool-space, JRI, CUDA and Karcher. As they are committed to offering only the best products in the industry, the company does not carry brands that do not meet the high standards set by the most prestigious brand names.

Currently, the company employs over 18 employees in Southern California and Arizona, many of which have over 20 years of experience in the industry. The employees’ vast experience in the field sets them apart from their competitors, as it allows them to offer first rate service as well as valuable knowledge and efficient solutions that newer companies cannot.

Furthermore, Superior Cleaning has a team of factory trained technicians who have the ability to service the equipment on or off site. According to them, they usually get the maintenance or repair done within 24 hours, unlike other shops that take days and sometimes weeks. They have more than $800,000 in parts and equipment inventory in their Phoenix and San Diego stores, and have the full ability to demonstrate on or off site. What really makes the company stand out, however, is their extremely reliable high quality product line.

“We only carry top quality products because we strongly believe that our clients deserve no less than that,” states a company spokesperson. “And to ensure top quality service, we have built top quality facilities that use the latest technology available, allowing our employees to do much more than average.”

Superior Cleaning Equipment, Inc. has a broad array of high quality products, including water recycling systems, pressure washers, aqueous parts washers, window cleaning, automated car & truck wash, portable EVAP coolers, a full line of detergents for all of their products and parts and accessories.

They also offer a custom wash water recycling system that conforms to the EPA’s national clean water standard (The Clean Water Act). Understanding that no one solution works for every customer, the company designed the customized SCE Bio System to ensure that wash water gets treated to be the cleanest. Aside from being highly efficient, the system also saves huge amounts of water, making it even more advantageous to any organization or company that makes use of the system. In a case study on the website, a heavy equipment yard using a closed loop recycling system, would save 750,858 gallons of water. To learn more, visit


About Superior Cleaning Equipment, Inc.

Superior Cleaning Equipment, Inc. celebrating 25 years in business, is a company that offers industrial cleaning and environmental equipment systems. It is an authorized dealer for big name brands in the industry, including Water Maze, Landa, Karcher, CUDA, JRI, CoolSpace, IPC Eagle and many more. They currently service Southern California and Arizona.

Superior Cleaning Equipment, Inc.
Address: 4422 E. University Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85034, United States
Phone: (602) 257-1357