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In the dairy industry, profits can be tight. In order to help maximize profits for fellow dairy operators and owners, Dairy Dealer was established in 2015. The online buying and selling site for dairy-related equipment is now celebrating its one-year anniversary, and has grown substantially since first launching a year ago. From feed and seed to dairy animals, equipment, and dairy farms for sale, the company has created a unique online marketplace for the industry. “We’re proud to have reached our one-year milestone,” says a spokesperson for the New Mexico-based company. “Our service has resonated with farmers in the dairy industry and has positioned us for success in the coming years as well.” To learn more about the wide variety of dairy animals and equipment listed for sale on the company’s site, visit

The company and its listing site were designed from the ground up for the dairy farming industry. Established by dairy farmers who knew that the industry needed a way to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of dairy-related equipment and livestock, the company has eclipsed over $4 million in sales in its first year alone. Sellers can list dairy farms, equipment, and dairy cattle for sale on the site for a small listing fee. Buyers from around the world can view listings and use the site’s service to contact sellers for purchasing or trade arrangements. A range of other useful features grace the company’s website, including current commodity prices, dairy-related product advertising, and featured listings. Buyers and sellers from around the world have access to extensive listings; some of the current featured listings include tractors, animal-handling equipment, bottle fillers, and dairy cattle.

Dairy Dealer LLC has been tremendously successful in its first year of business. By cutting out the middleman in buying and selling transactions, the company has helped dairy farmers and equipment sellers come together. The result is a service that saves time, money, and frustration. There is even an innovative barter system that the company offers, helping dairy farmers get the equipment and livestock they need in trade for other products or services. “We will continue to add valuable services to our company as our business grows,” adds the spokesperson. “Our goal is to become the eBay or Craigslist for the dairy industry.” For more information on the company, visit their site at


About Dairy Dealer LLC

Created by dairy farmers for dairy farmers, Dairy Dealer is the answer to finding dairy-related items to buy or sell online. By cutting out the middleman, the company facilitates connections between buyers and sellers, giving them the tools needed to list dairy-related items for sale for a small fee. Established in 2015, the company has grown dramatically and has helped maximize profits for producers in the dairy industry.

Dairy Dealer LLC
Address: 215 E. 2nd Street, Portale, New Mexico 88130, United States
Phone: (844) 645-5648