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Moving or relocation is a period of extreme stress and earlier people used to handle the relocation or moving themselves. Later on, in order to decrease the stress to a large extent, moving companies mushroomed up. Now there are moving brokers that can be hired. Moving companies and moving brokers almost seem synonymous but they are not. There are the following differences:

Moving brokers act as middlemen. They liaise between the moving company and the person moving. They typically do not have their own trucks or even moving equipment or even staff to help with the move. They are people who find moving companies and literally sell the move. These moving brokers provide estimates for the move and collect their fee from the person who wants to move. They then bid the job to those companies who provide moving services. The benefit to the person moving is usually that they get the job done much cheaper than if they had to hire the moving company directly. It also saves them the hassle of dealing and negotiating with different moving companies.

Moving companies on the other hand actually move the belongings and goods. They have the moving equipment, trucks, and staff who professional move the goods. They usually give the person an estimate of how much it will cost – based on the goods which need to be moved. The price is based on not only the number of goods but their weight and the distance they need to be moved.

People employ removal brokers not only because the price of the move is much lesser but also in case the person is unable to communicate due to language barriers or difficulties in interpreting the quotation. It could also be due to the high cost of labor.

The way the House Removalist Broker work is that when they are contacted, they find out from the person moving all the effects that need to be moved and the quantities, the details regarding the building, parking, loading and more. They then find out different removal companies which are available to move when the person requires and for a price which has been estimated by them.

The broker is usually familiar with different firms and they are able to inform the householder about the weaknesses and strengths of the different moving companies that can be hired to do the job.

The furniture removal brokers also are a boon to removal companies, else these companies would need to rely just on the outward journey for their profit. This way, the Interstate Broker Removalist finds them to find customers for their return journey as well and therefore the efficiency of the vehicles increase, carbon emissions are halved and profits increase while costs are decreased.

Thus furniture removal brokers are a boon to both the person moving and the moving company.