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Dr. Peyton P. Berookim is a top-rated colonoscopy Los Angeles doctor, specializing in colon cancer screenings. He has years of experience and education in gastroenterology and is well-known for finding accurate results. The doctor has dedicated his career to helping patients, whether it is with minor intestinal issues or with very serious matters like cancer. His years of experience in the field have led him to be one of the most well-regarded physicians on the West Coast. He uses only the most up-to-date and advanced equipment for every colonoscopy in Los Angeles he performs.

For years, patients have trusted Dr. Berookim to be their colonoscopy Los Angeles doctor. He is dedicated to making all patients feel comfortable and calm before, during and after their colonoscopy in Los Angeles . He has been praised by patients and other medical professionals alike for his amazing bedside manner and patient care. Dr. Berookim understands that providing information by answering questions before the procedure is essential for patient comfort. He makes it his number one goal for his patients to feel safe and comfortable under his care.

Dr. Berookim has treated patients from all over the Los Angeles area. He is dedicated to providing his patients with exceptional healthcare and improving their quality of life. Dr. Berookim does this by staying educated on the most current medical practices and procedures. He also educates his patients throughout their colonoscopy Los Angeles treatment and during their follow up appointments.

About Dr. Berookim

Dr. Berookim is a highly regarded gastroenterologist for colonoscopy in Los Angeles services. He is double board-certified and studied at one of the top medical schools in California. Dr. Berookim is well known for his medical achievements and awards. Patients have trusted Dr. Berookim for many years as their trusted and reliable gastroenterologist. To learn more about Dr. Berookim and colonoscopy Los Angeles, visit his website: or call (310) 272-1122.

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Peyton P. Berookim
Company Name: GI Doctor
Phone Number: 310.271.1122
Address: Beverly Hills, CA