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PinkMirror is the revolutionary tool that offers free photo editing solutions to people who are not comfortable with how they look in pictures. Using their marvelous highly technological methods it ensures that you are satisfied with the end results and you will become a recurring customer. It is a powerful and popular tool for it has served more than one million pictures since its inception years ago. Many people do not know how to use the tool and want a tutorial on how to add their photos on the photo editor online. The first step is to navigate to the upload photo section in the PinkMirror website and click on browse. It will then prompt you to choose the photo you want edited from your device; you should then pick a picture where you are facing the camera. The recommended resolution for a high quality job is 500 by 500 pixels and higher with you looking at the camera. After the upload is successful, you should then rotate the uploaded photo to ensure your face is straight so as to ensure the sites smart face detection software does not fail.

You should now align points in relation to the features of your face, this is important as perfect alignment ensures the client has the best results. The free photo editing alignment options ensures that the software focuses on the most important parts of the face such as the mouth, eyes, nose and eyebrows. After alignment is complete the website will now ask for your gender, an important step as it has completely different filters and features custom built for each gender. You should click your gender on the icon provided, as you cannot use masculine facials on a female face which will make the job look distasteful and unprofessional. The photo editor online will now start to work its magic, if your photo was aligned and gender was chosen, you can rest assured that the final job will be high quality and amazing. You can then decide if that is the image you want or you want to continue browsing the free photo editing tool for more options and designs.

After retouching is complete, the free photo editing software will now process the final image comparing it to the original. You will then realize that a lot of differences from the original such as enhanced clarity, no scars and beautifully enhanced facial features. The photo editor online site also offers a comparison feature by clicking on the flashing arrows which provide a before and after image. After comparison and full satisfaction, a client can then pick the size they want to save the new processed image in. what makes it a suitable site is that it does a high quality work, with little or no effort, and at affordable never again seen fees that ensures the client is fully satisfied with the work and will come back for more later. is the best photo editor online as it automatically corrects your photos with little effort at an affordable rate within a few seconds.

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