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Are you a photo enthusiast with a knack for cool photos? Then you probably have use free online photo editor to enhance your pics as you have the taste for professionally well done photos. Welcome to PinkMirror where we address your free photo retouching needs all under one roof. The recent craze of retouching and editing pic to enhance them has taken the world of digital photo photography by storm as more and more people especially women are embracing this concept. All this has been made possible virtually. The concept of a free online photo editor was not popular a few years ago as it is now. It is now possible to get instant online makeover using this digital technology and need we say that is all free. PinkMirror offers you some of excellent the online photo makeover services so that you we are sure will blow away your mind. We have lot of testimonials on our site by clients who were simply amazed at the efficiency of our feature. One client was quick to add that the free photo retouching feature had exceeded her expectations as she was expecting just a slight change of the picture.

The free online photo editor allows you to address the chin if it is the cause of your discomfort. A soft chin line suggests feminism as opposed to a broader longer chin associated with majority of males. The longer chin is more associated with males. Our free photo retouching tool will help you improve the shape of your chin so as to ensure there is balance of all the other facial features. Did you know that magnifying the chin or minimizing it affect the perceived size of your nose? By using the free online photo editor, it will help calculate the desired chin to be lifted and apply the effects to give you that desired look. This is a form of digital mentoplasty (chin lifting surgery) only that this time there is no anesthesia or a surgeon to perform the actual surgery but just the corrective digital surgery of our photo editing tool. Do you experience wide eyes every time you take photo? You can fix this by determining how far they will be spaced to avoid the discomfort of having to post a rather unusual photo with all the eyes spaced. Big eyes are considered cute as they reflect the innocent nature as that of a child.

The combination of this feature using the free photo retouching tool along with the nose shaping feature will result to very attractive photo. Our eyes are considered to be the windows to our souls and are the most important parts on our face which would make the photo more captivating. The free online photo editor also removes the red eye effect usually an effect due to use of the flash feature on most smartphones and cameras. A good way to avoid the red-eye effect is to use modern cameras that come with an anti-red eye function. You can also add a sparkle in your eyes as we have an eye brightening feature to make your eyes appear more radiant than ever.

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