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Author Hirdesh Bhardwaj a budding young technical writer from Gurgaon recently wrote a book ‘PHP MYSQL For Advance Learning’ on PHP and a book on ‘Web Designing’ the book details students the advance functions of the tech world. This book is gaining much popularity among the IT aspirants. Hirdesh Bhardwaj, a young entrepreneur has hold many records in his hands as well. At the early age of only 22, he taught IT to almost 4000 students and that is the record in its own.

His company Webs Jyoti’s initiative “Free IT education to needy students is gaining acclaim from the all sections of the society.Being the founder of Webs Jyoti Hirdesh tells about his entrepreneurship journey that In 2009,at the age of 22,Hirdesh Bhardwaj started a business with just Rs 10,000 in his pocket.He was only one when he started from his door room in Gurgaon. He recalls that he don’t have that of a money that he can take a shop on rent to start the business.

Hirdesh tells about his company Webs Jyoti has multiples manifold it’s sales and has working 20 employees with two branches in Gurgaon. It is a Web designing training and development company, by adding he proudly tells that his company has delivered more than 370+ projects successfully even the big companies of Gurgaon has not achieved that milestone.

Telling about his Dream Hirdesh said that he want to build an institution where everybody has the power to access the knowledge of the Information Technology because in today’s era where all the things runs on technology and it is the time’s need that everybody must learn computer skills.