FoxMowingQLD Service Aims To Keep Gardens and Lawn Safe and Manageable

Coping with a large yard can be a gruesome task, especially if you have little or no help. In Queensland, most folks with a sprawling yard opt to hire garden maintenance services like FoxMowingQLD to keep gardens and lawns safe and manageable.

As some people say, why go to the gym when you can work out in the garden? It is a fact that gardening is hard work – not many can cope with the digging, shovelling and watering… Besides, gardening tasks take up a lot of time which few people can spare with their busy routines.

To indulge in their hobby, garden lovers aim to keep their gardens and lawns safe and manageable. There is no such thing as a zero maintenance garden. Any type of plant or even a small patch of lawn by your entrance requires at least some kind of maintenance to keep it looking good. But the idea is to keep it simple – you spend as little time as possible in maintaining your garden – which makes it manageable.

A sensible and realistic garden design can reduce quite a lot of work associated with its upkeep. For example, plant trees and shrubs that require very little care. These not only give the yard a lush appearance, but are hardy enough to withstand a few days neglect if you are short on time. Ornamental grasses are a great way to cover ground, they grow fast and also look great. Similarly, some well-placed shrubs or large potted plants add colour and depth to your garden space.

In keeping with your needs, FoxMowingQLD service aims to keep your gardens and lawns safe and manageable. You can get them to plan and design a garden or yard that is easy to maintain. For instance, if you need to concentrate your efforts on a vegetable patch, make sure that you don’t have other high maintenance spaces like a rose garden to look after. Paving at least a part of the lawn area can reduce your chores considerably. Consider installing an irrigation system to reduce the tedium of daily watering of the lawns and garden.

Fox Mowing also offers minor landscaping services so you could make the required changes to your garden space quite easily. Besides, a small and sensibly designed garden is easy to maintain and also within your budget should you decide to hire garden care services.

Fox Mowing include lawn mowing, lawn care, garden care, fertilising, weed and pest control, pruning, hedging, repairs and odd jobs as well as any other tasks related to your outdoor space like gutter cleaning, rubbish removal, tree-cutting, etc.

With reasonable rates and Fox Mowing is the best lawn and garden maintenance company in the Queensland area. Give them a call or go online at for a free quote, today.