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We, Trukky, are pleased to inform that we have introduced part load services in nearly 30 cities of India. In today’s world, where business is not just limited to the local area, it becomes imperative to seek more business opportunities by expanding your reach to other locations. Therefore, besides our full load shipment services, we now offer part load services to our esteemed customers to grow their business and revenue.

Transportation plays one of the key roles in the economic development of the country. They tend to lay a positive impact in various aspects, such as productivity, business activity, employment, property values and so on. In general, increase in transportation activities enhances overall accessibility, and reduce in transportation costs tend to increase economic growth. A reliable and efficient transport system can render adequate access to the locations, which turns out necessary condition to carry out manufacturing, retail, housing and labor operations.

Part load service is a great way to save on logistics costs when the shipments are smaller. Part loads are actually scattered spaces left in delivery vehicles of the large companies. For small and medium size businesses, Trukky’s part load service is a perfect way to transport goods because the total costs can be divided with other enterprises shipping to the same drop off regions. This brings down the transportation costs to very minimal amount, so the small and medium enterprises can benefit from our cost-efficient transport system.

The major locations where our part load transportation is in huge demand includes Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Coimbatore, Bhopal, and many more, covering nearly all the regions in eastern, central and southern India. Due to the tremendous increase of industrialization in these cities, it has called upon a need for an efficient transport facility. While rail lines are limited to certain cities, businesses in remote locations couldn’t benefit from railway transportation. Roads being accessible to every region, small size businesses can use our affordable part load shipping as their mean of cost-efficient import/export activities.
This is the reason our part load movements are in great demand in these areas because of lack of railway networks.

Indeed, part load truck transportation is a boon for SME, but there are some restrictions when it comes to the type of material you want to ship. Besides hazardous materials like gasoline and ammunition that are considered explosive and flammable, we do not carry fragile and innocuous items like children’s chemistry sets and nail polish. We also do not ship food items, which may not only perish, but attracts rats and pets that might damage our property and other goods.

We do not recommend moving of personal and sentimental items like medical records, passport, laptops and such, which inherent the risk of loss or damage. These items couldn’t be replaced and cause you serious troubles. Therefore, you likely want these items to be under your control.