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Web Design is important because it affects how quickly visitors can find what they are looking for.A good design will be easy to understand and navigate, helping potential customers find what they need .A website should be appealing, and eye catching. The website’s design will make the site visitor decide whether to stay and take action or leave , It will need to create trust, make sense and allow people to find what they need quickly and easily.
Ones website needs to be in logical and consistent place on every single page. Everything on a page needs to have a purpose and be designed with usability in mind. Because people want to find what they looking for quickly one should always remember to have all the relevant information that is easy to understand and gets straight to the point. We have seconds to make an impression and if the organization doesn’t make sense, the visitor will leave and that could be a missed opportunity for the business to make the sale.
While a website has to look good,it is not worth sacrificing the appearance of the website for usability. The usability is extremely important.The design should lead the eye from what’s most important; this can be done with space and typography. Making use of Images and colorsare amongthe important things to get our website to be attractive and eye catching.We need to know that there is a lot of otherwork likecross platform compatibility, coding,and so on,which are taken care of by Web developers and the web Designers, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.
Many web designers are also involved in Web development,creating the functionality behind a working website Even if the focus is on the design side. The understanding of the technologybehind the website is essential to create functional attractive designed websites. Web designers and web developers have different responsibilities while the web designer has to take care of the designs that need to go off to the developer, They also have other responsibilities Like creating banner ads ,creating mock ups and site wire frames and awhole lot more
The Web designer design and draft out the planning of the website and passes it on to the developer who is responsible for the development of the website. The website developer users tools and methods that are designed for the different sections of the website’s development .It is important that the web developer and web designer have clearcommunication line and work together to provide the finished product . Visit: