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Concord Mariner 200

Concord adds another facet to its Mariner Collection with the Concord Mariner 200, a marine sports watch that proudly bears the elegance and savoir faire of the signature collection from Concord.

True to its marine heritage the Mariner 200, will come in three dial colours, black, blue and silver, reflecting the restless and unfettered spirit of the ocean, just right for the gentleman of leisure with a yen for adventure, whether on the waves or on dry land, this is a watch that is at home on both.

The smoothly angled design style makes the Mariner 200 a watch for all occasion, one that fits effortlessly into a modern gentleman’s many-faceted lifestyle. The Mariner, with its understated elegance, sits easily on the wrist in formal settings as well as on the more typical outdoor and sporty occasion, such is the adaptability and functionality of its look.

Water resistant to 200 metres, the Mariner 200 comes with its uniquely designed protected crown, the octagonal case design melds well into the integrated steel bracelet which is beautifully worked and enhances the overall smoothly designed look of the watch. The AR coating makes the crystal dial easy to read and the display is bold and eye catching even in low light conditions. The smoothly turning bezel finishes the overall classic sporty look of this latest offering from the Concord House.

Concord relaunched its signature 1980’s Mariner Collection in 2014. This iconic collection has been updated to reflect a modern and beautiful sense of style. Inspired by the chic and sophisticated marina lifestyle, the new Mariner Collection captures the essence of today’s casual yet elegant dress code for both men and women, evoking the spirit of long evenings on deck filled with the taste and smell of the sea.

Each Concord Mariner bears a distinctive wind-rose logo, a depiction of the graphic tool used by meteorologists to provide a succinct view of how wind speed and direction are distributed at a specific location. The wind-rose represents the Concord Mariner’s attitude of pointing men and women in the direction of the pleasures associated with marina life – time filled with a wealth of relaxed moments and an enticingly adventurous spirit.

Klarm China Promote Tiny Machining Services

Klarm specializes in creating precision machining parts, prototypes and components. Most manufacturing companies of today are turning to precision milling parts. The reason is simple: numerous products are made using these parts. Since not all companies can afford them, outsourcing is the only option for them. Let’s find out how the desired parts are made through precision milling with ease.

If you’re searching for CNC machining services and are wondering how they might benefit your business, then you may want to look over the below sections where we shall explain some important key points and strategies that you may want to implement as you start the search.

Before offering some helpful hints that can aid in the shopping process, let us first have a brief overview as to what are some of the components, and advantages of CNC machines. CNC is an acronym that stands for ‘computer numerical control’ and is typically associated directly with machining and machined parts. Basically, it’s a computer which is linked up to a circular platform which is comprised of a wide variety of metal cutting and slicing tools. One of the main benefits in utilizing a CNC machine is the aspect of precision. Each and every metal produced is of the highest quality in addition to being as accurate as possible. What’s more is that they can be produced in mass quantities. So if you are running a business where you have a number of clients that require the specified machined parts in larger quantities, then a CNC machining service would indeed be useful.

Prior to zeroing in on one service in particular, it would be helpful to have some essential background information. For example, the time it normally takes to produce a machined part. If you live nearby a shop that has the machinery and capabilities to produce and manufacture the desired parts, then perhaps you would want to conduct your business here, especially if what you are requesting is of a relatively small quantity. Another important thing about shopping at a local prototype or non automated machinery shop is the timing aspect.

Normally, it may take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to start and complete a particular task. That said if you are pressed for time, then a retail store would probably make the most sense. Finally, there’s the price component. Since you are shopping locally, the costs for transportation and delivery would be significantly lower. On the other hand, if you have a large number of items that need to be manufactured and shipped from an international location, then you won’t have much of choice, and would just have to bite the bullet, so to speak. Now let us talk about the last point about shopping from a foreign country. Try and look carefully as you may come across some highly acclaimed and notable companies that operate out of China and do actually offer free shipping. The catch here however, is twofold. First there’s the long distance quandary.

Although the company may provide free shipping, the time it may take for your order to arrive can be rather lengthy. But, if the items for CNC machine that you have ordered do not necessarily have to come in such a timely manner, then perhaps going this route will save you some extra money over the long term. The second part of this might be the fact that such companies may require you to purchase a minimum quantity of machined parts. But before jumping to any conclusions, it would be wise to take a look at the home page where you will find email and phone contact information of qualified representatives and sales associates. CNC machine services in China provide a good means in helping to increase your production and output. The key takeaway here would be to figure out which company has the capacity and means to service you best.


Klarm Machining Ltd hopes to turn out to be the greatest CNC milling China company . The firm continuously tries to reach top excellence level in quality. They want to deliver customers with precision parts sold at competitive prices and delivered on time.

Media Contact:
Company: Guangzhou Klarm Machining Ltd
Contact: Lanny Larm
Phone: +86-20-3486-3083
Address: Guangzhou, China

Jewers Doors Open New Studio for Acclaimed Sculptor

Jewers Doors have recently completed the installation of seven Osprey multi-leaf sliding folding doors to complete the conversion of an old dilapidated dairy factory in Camberwell, London into a series of studios, workshops and galleries for internationally acclaimed artist and sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor.

In a project spanning five years, Casey Fierro Architects masterminded the renovation of the buildings without disturbing the day-to-day workings of the Turner prize-winning artist, whose most-famous works include the bean-shaped sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

“The doors needed to be incredibly robust to provide a calm, internal world, free from external distraction.” said Michael Casey, partner in the architecture practice. “Flexibility and ease of operation were key factors. The doors had to flexible enough to open fully to accommodate some of the very large pieces of sculpture for which Anish is renowned, but also open partially for smaller works thus minimising heat loss from the building.”

Jewers supplied manually operated Osprey sliding, folding doors in four and five leaf configurations. Manufactured as a single piece construction, each of the door panels is fully insulated with environmentally friendly insulation materials which optimise thermal efficiency and reduce noise pollution by up to 25dB. The doors incorporate soft compound weather seals to all edges, which also protect against finger and toe trapping. Some of the doors are fitted with louvres to provide ventilation when resins or other hazardous materials are used in the creation of the sculptures.

In the closed position the doors are secured by internal, full-height lockable espagnolette bolts, which engage into the bottom and top track. A lever handle withdraws the bolts to enable door leaves to be easily pushed aside to allow full width entry. For the five leaf doors, the end panel acts as a full height pass door avoiding the need to open the door fully.

The hard wearing powder coated finish to the doors minimises maintenance and provides a discrete presence from the street, yet compliments the contemporary interior style of the studios.


Date 31st October 2016

Editor’s Notes
Hi res images available on request

Klarm China Promote Making of Good Injection Molds

Klarm is one of the most professional injection mold makers of a wide range of industries in China. Precision injection molding has a number of advantages over other methods. In particular, plastic precision injection molding involves several methods to make components in an efficient manner. Given below are 5 big benefits of precision injection molding.

Plastic have great impact on our daily lives. In many ways plastic made it more convenient. Items made of plastic are cheaper than other materials and metals. These days, every little thing we use has plastic in it. Plastic has become one of the most sought after materials to use because of its easy availability & it can be formed in any shape or size by injection molding. By the Plastic injection molding technique, plastic can be molded into any shape or size with great precession and finish. Depending upon what type of product and what amount of finishing is needed, Plastic molds are created. Once molds are checked for quality, it’s decided what type of plastic is needed to give the product its required rigidity, color or flexibility. Thermosetting Plastic, Elastomers and Thermoplastic Polymers are most used materials for plastic molding. These materials are used because they offer greater viscosity. With new technique few more materials are being used for injection molding but plastic is hot favorite.

With the use of latest plastic injection molding technique, plastic products are produced rapidly with great precession. Plastic in powder or liquid form is injected through the hopper into the barrel, which is heated up to certain required temperature. Melted material is forced into a mold or die. The material takes the physical properties of the mold’s cavity or hollow, after cooling down. Every plastic product you see today experiences this process. For example, car dashboards, soft drinks caps etc. all experience injection molding process. The materials can differ such as plastic to metal; anything that is malleable.

Material hopper, heating unit, plunger are the basic part of plastic molding machines. The purpose of Presses (a machine part) is to pressurize the molten material into the hollows or mold’s cavity to give the material desired shape. That’s how final product is prepared.

Europe and America are outsourcing its injection plastic molding work to China in great quantity. The main reason to do so it cheap labor and work quality is as per European standards. China is world’s biggest exporter of plastic raw material and finished plastic products. Not only Europe and America but also other emerging economies have outsourced its injection molding work to china. Chinese are also equipped with latest injection molding techniques and machinery to fulfill any order, regardless of its size and shape. Injection molding revolutionized product design and mass production because of the flexibility it offers.


Klarm Mould Ltd hopes to turn out to be the greatest Chinese injection mold maker . The firm continuously tries to reach top excellence level in quality. They want to deliver customers with precision parts sold at competitive prices and delivered on time.

Media Contact:
Company: Guangzhou Klarm Mould Ltd
Contact: Lanny Larm
Phone: +86-20-3486-3088
Address: Guangzhou, China

The 7th China Lock & Safe Industry Expo 2017

Date: May12-14th , 2017
Venue: Poly World Trade Expo Center(PWTC)
Organizer:Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Exhibition Scope:Electronic locks, Smart Locks Mechanical locks;Vehicle locks;Related manufacturing equipment, lock accessories, locksmith tools, etc.;Safe boxes;

This is Sarah writing to inform you the new Lock & Safe Show–China Lock & Safe 2017 will be coming on May 12-14,2017 at Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center! Welcome to join us !

About China Lock & Safe 2016
China Lock Expo 2016 , a three-day event, has successfully held in Area B of Poly World Trade Expo Center (PWTC) on May 13th,2016,which gathered renowned exhibitors at home and abroad, including Stanley, ARTECID.KABA, KOPAT, Paxton, Acsys, Yuema Locks, Tieshen Lock, Zhejiang Jiawei Lock Co.,Ltd., Techshino, Chengdu Patron Saint Technology Ltd., etc.,Eagle Safes,Ribao Safes and so on. The total number of domestic and international visitors added up to more than 8,000.

Why China Lock & Safe 2017 ?
As an annual exclusive professional trade show in China, China Lock & Safe Expo provides a good platform for worldwide exhibitors to promote the brands and representatives including Ribao Safes, Eagle Safes,IBILIV Korea, Justlock, Martock Lock Israel, Ilocky TW. If you are interested in taping into China’s market or global market,we sincerely invite you to attend China Lock & Safe 2017. If you want to buy, please register as a buyer on our official website or send email to me to get E-tickets!

Please do mark China Lock & Safe 2017 on your schedule and start planing your trip! We are so looking forward to meeting you on May 12-14th,2017! Contact us if you need more information.Welcome the entire Lock&Safe Industry to attend or visit the show.