Psychologist Shares Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle after Overcoming Life-Long Battle with Eating Disorders

With so many people suffering from weight-related issues like obesity, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, and food-based challenges like emotional eating and yo-yo dieting, many people are turning to the experts for answers in an effort to break their destructive patterns. Most people believe the solution is as easy as eating right and exercising appropriately but psychologist, nutrition expert and accredited personal trainer Kellee Waters warns there’s more than meets the eye.

Covalon to Feature New Advanced Wound Care Products at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care in Atlanta

These exciting new products will be available for license or distribution, following regulatory clearance. Covalon’s ColActive® Plus Ag collagen wound dressing for treatment of chronic wounds and diabetic foot ulcers has been marketed and sold in the United States and elsewhere since 2005.

Intern Profits Hosts Anticipated Facebook Timeline Training

On this free training, Intern Profit’s newest faculty member and Facebook expert, Brian Moran, is going to show business owners how to use the new timeline.

New Training Video Q&A Offers Insight on Launching a Fitness Career Celebrity fitness expert John Spencer Ellis answers student questions in online video

In the “Skype Q&A with Very Cool Personal Training Students” video, Ellis covers topics including creating a personal niche in the fitness industry, the difference between obstacles and opportunities, sources of motivation, marketing and social media outreach, industry associations, education and continuing education, his personal experience, branding, business transparency and personal authenticity, mentors and coaches, creating a powerful inner circle and much more.

The Video Boss Review And Bonus Revealed For Andy Jenkins Program

A quick Video Boss review shows that Jenkins is putting his all into his coaching program.  His updated program has 10 modules that teach everything from creating a video to setting up a video marketing consulting business.  This program, takes Jenkins’ 7 years of experience with video and compresses it into an entertaining easy to learn format that produces results.

Fort Collins Dentist Dr. Jon Anderson Runs the Bataan Memorial Death March

John Walker, a survivor of the Bataan Death March was a relative of Dr. John Siegmund and his wife Laurie.   Dr. Anderson wore a shirt with John Walker’s picture and his personal information during the run.  The dentist enjoyed the full support of his dental clinic as he had not run a marathon in more than thirty years and it was a great challenge for him both emotionally and physically. 

Back and Neck Center of Brick launches new patient-friendly comprehensive website

The new website features a drop-down menu symptom search for those medical conditions from back pain to whiplash whose pain and discomfort can be alleviated through comprehensive chiropractic treatment.   In addition, an informative blog will keep readers engaged in chiropractic trends and practices as well as local happenings at The Back and Neck Center of Brick. Downloadable patient forms save time and make first visits easier.

Anna Centurione Unveils Leather Bag Collection on

Anna Centurione designs for the busy urban lifestyle. Bags transition from work to weekend, and day to evening. The collection includes necklace bags, belt bags, backpacks, satchels, and messenger bags. has all the solutions needed to counter flood damage

What happens when a hard rain comes? When this occurs, many homeowners panic and fly down to the basement to see if water is coming in. Pictures of an unwanted indoor swimming hole pass through their minds. They may begin to think of expensive work or the rental equipment they will need.

Regency Casket Offers Funeral Caskets For Sale

When the dreaded news of the death of a dear one is received, varied thoughts and grief soon follow. Plans must be drawn up and last wishes must be fulfilled. Talking about Funeral caskets for sale is not a lovely subject for the living, but for the deceased, it will be their final resting place.

Grscookware provides discount prices on all your kitchen needs

Similarly, everyone who owns one, will insist their choice is the best home juicer that can be purchased. Juicing has grown to be quite popular in modern times. As people feel increasingly unwell and become more unhealthy, they will no doubt seek juicing cures if they are bent towards holistic medicine. Potato, chard, spinach and various fruits are among the best home juicer choices for fresh juicing.

Sea Perch RV Resort offers a beautiful place for RVers to vacation

Many families choose to travel by recreational vehicle, making advance reservations for RV resorts in Oregon and other amazing states near the water. Whether the family is planning to camp under the stars or make a temporary home at an Oregon RV park, they are sure to enjoy the gorgeous views and the luxury of getting away from it all. offers services to homeowners by renting out their properties for vacation homes

With Tamarron Rental Program, you have the opportunity to use them to maintain your property, while getting the most money for your second home. Durango vacation rentals bring in a good amount of income. You can generate income and still use your second home whenever you want.

Built Right Roofing offers leading roofing contractors in Connecticut

Built-Rite realizes that when potential customers are planning a home remodeling project, they are not just considering getting the best price. Customers are also interested in talking to Connecticut roofing contractors who they can trust.

Best Price Pest Control exterminates any and all pests

Pests often bring diseases and germs into the home. No matter how clean you keep your home, pests can still find their way in. A pest invasion can negatively effect you, your family and your pets. Not only they do bring dirt and germs, but they can terrify children and adults alike.

Innovative Designs of A&G provide the latest closet designs

A&G Design ( is known for their innovative closets. From walk-in designs incorporating drawer space, shoe racks, and accents to fit every need to utilizing cabinetry to make the most of every square inch, A&G can design anything for any space.

Entourage Coach offers traveling to any destination worry free

The services that Entourage Coach offers their clients makes traveling to any destination worry free. Their Texas tour bus offers leasing options to fit the needs of any touring entertainer, and they provide accommodations that create a luxury travel experience.

Excessive Levels of Chromium Lead to Chinese Recall of 13 Drugs

The administration says they have started an investigation into the case. China has a history of struggling with pharmaceutical safety problems, and public outcry has prompted the government to be more severe in dealing with contamination problems.

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