Is It Moral To Manipulate, Persuade And Influence A Job Interview?

The evidence is clear; competition in all job sectors is growing not just from UK applicants but due to an increase in online technology, remote working and EU regulations, competition for UK jobs is coming from across the globe.  Chris Delaney, the author of ‘Influencing the Interview’ says: “Candidates have to stand out during the job interview, they have to show what added value they can bring to the organisation and to survive they must learn how to influence the job interview.”

Digital Writing Solutions Leader Livescribe Toasts Five Years

In the first year, Livescribe successfully extended the award-winning Anoto Group digital pen technology, adding digital audio recording capability. The Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpens capture every thing you hear, write and draw for replay anytime, anywhere.

Saffron Extract with Satiereal Shows Amazing Results to Stop Cravings and Helps With Weight Loss

The pure Satiereal that has been added to the saffron extract is a vital component in Saffron Pure as to why it is able to help people cure their cravings as well as feel full sooner.

Findmypast reveals the greatest political leaders with Irish ancestry

The online poll of over 4,000 Americans and Britons was conducted by YouGov for the genealogy site and its Irish partner, findmypast IE.

Salt Lake City Real Estate Marketing via Aerial Videography Now Available at Birds Eye Films

Eden, Utah – Executives at Birds Eye Films, Inc. today announced a new Salt Lake City real estate marketing aerial videography service.  The company’s videographers use remote controlled helicopters to capture close-up aerial videos of homes, commercial properties and land.  The service is incredibly affordable and helps REALTORS® sell properties easier and faster.

Summer Dress Clearance Sale

                                                                                                                  and Richard Vuksinic, ND Explore Health Benefits of Wild Herbs in Free Teleclass

The teleclass is being held on Tuesday, May 29th 2012 at 8:00pm Eastern (NY) time. (5:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Mountain, 7:00pm Central).

Hotter Comfort Concept launches Great British Shoes

Hotter Comfort Concept Product Director Paul Sayers commented: "As a British company we wanted to create a patriotic pair of Great British Shoes to underline our commitment to creating comfortable and stylish shoes in our UK factory and to commemorate an exciting Summer for our nation.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport reveals meeting and conference facilities

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport opened in October 2009 opposite the terminal buildings and the Airport Plaza. Its 1,000 square metres of event space is spread across the ground and first floors, able to accommodate several different groups and events at the same time.  

British Airways boost popular ski destinations with extra flights

From December 18, flights to Turin in Italy will increase to 10 a week and flights to Salzburg in Austria will increase to five a week, as both cities are popular destinations for ski holidays. The extra return service to Turin will operate on a Sunday and extra return services to Salzburg will operate on Thursday and Saturday.

Npower reports medium-sized businesses losing out on energy savings due to lack of expertise

Only 4% of medium-sized businesses in the UK have a dedicated energy specialist, despite the average business spending over £180,000 on energy per annum. Of those businesses with an energy specialist, nine in ten (88%) say the introduction of the role has saved their organisation money.

Citi India Bats for Children During 200th Global Anniversary

In celebration of its 200th year anniversary, Citi today announced a contribution of Rs 10 lakhs to the NGO CanKids. At the start of the season Citi pledged to contribute Rs 2 lakhs to CanKids, each time a team made 200 runs in an innings. This year, four teams crossed the double century mark and Citi handed over a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs to CanKids during the semi finals on May 25, 2012.CanKids will use this money to build awareness for the early detection of cancer and to support children fighting bone cancer.

Twitterati Welcome PVR Cinemas with a Big Bang – Red Digital’s ‘TweetMobs’ Delivers again

After the immensely successful TweetMob innovation by Red Digital for Mirinda, Red Digital once again delivered on Twitter, but this time for PVR Cinemas. PVR’s concerted effort to engage Twitterati was led by Red Digital’s TweetMob innovation, which resulted in PVR being the most talked about thing on twitter for the day- across India in a short span of 60 minutes.

New Website From NYC Mohel Rabbi Rubin Shows Benefits And Meaning of Bris

Mohel Rubin’s newly updated website provides details on the sacred traditions and practices of Bris Milah, and describes the benefits and risks in having circumcision performed. Most importantly, Rabbi Rubin makes it clear that Bris Milah is a time of significance and happiness for the family.According to Rabbi Ruben, circumcision “is integral to Jewish identity. Bris is the sign of the covenant.” As the first major milestone for a child, a Bris Milah should be a joyous and uplifting experience. Visitors to will be able to discover the history and philosophy of Bris Malah, find out more about New York Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin, and also read and write reviews about Rabbi Rubin’s services. Launches Bespoke Fit Shirts in Readymade, Brings A Revolutionary Business Model in Men’s Apparel Industry

PeprisMine is an online mens apparel brand that offers luxurious bespoke fit shirts in readymade, at affordable prices. solves the fit problem that existed for decades in mens apparel industry with the help of technology, thereby making the process of buying well fitted dress shirts as simple as possible.

Male fertility genes discovered

A new study has revealed previously undiscovered genetic variants that influence fertility in men. The findings, published by Cell Press on May 24th in the American Journal of Human Genetics, shed much-needed light on human reproduction and might provide answers for countless men suffering from infertility.

Gene study could pave way for non-hormonal male contraceptive

A new type of male contraceptive could be created thanks to the discovery of a key gene essential for sperm development.

Anti-psychotic drug pushes cancer stem cells over the edge

An anti-psychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia appears to get rid of cancer stem cells by helping them differentiate into less threatening cell types. The discovery reported in the Cell Press journal Cell on May 24th comes after researchers screened hundreds of compounds in search of those that would selectively inhibit human cancer stem cells, and it may lead rather swiftly to a clinical trial.

The secret to good tomato chemistry

There is nothing better than a ripe, red, homegrown tomato, and now researchers reporting online on May 24 in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, have figured out just what it is that makes some of them so awfully good (and your average supermarket tomato so bland).

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