Program Background
A certification from IIT will help you grow in your career. It is a program that is offered by a leading IIT. It is designed to help students understand the subject of Supply Chain Management (SCM) that will help them build a career in this area.

Schedule & Duration
One class per week on Sunday morning for 3:00 hours (Sunday morning)

14 weeks, starting in January

Course Content
The program follows a step-by-step approach where theoretical concepts will be followed by case studies and practical implementations. Sessions are designed to be interactive.

Module-1: Fundamentals of SCM
• Basic understanding of SCM
• Evolution of SCM and ERP
• Process view of SCM
• Global logistics and SCM
• Decision Making in SCM

Module-2: Operational, Strategic and Implementation issues in SCM
• Material Management
• Logistics Management
• Toyota Production System (TPS)
• Lean Supply Chain
• Demand Management
• Supplier selection and strategic partnership in SCM, etc.

Module-3: Modeling and Design of Supply Chain Management
• Management of Uncertainty in SCM
• Optimization models in SCM
• Use of software environment in SC modeling etc

Module-4: Recent Trends in Supply Chain Management
• Lean, Agile and Le-agile Supply Chain
• Strategies of Cycle time reduction
• Extended Supply Chain Concepts
• Integration of Supply Chain
• Re-engineering the Supply Chain
• Coordination in Supply Chain
• Bullwhip – effect and its management
• Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
• Outsourcing and Postponement decision
• Flexibility of Supply Chain
• 3PL and Cross docking
• Integration of Supply chain entities
• IT-enabled Supply Chain Management
• e-Procurement
• e-commerce
• Performance Measurement in SCM
• Reverse logistics & More

Module-5: Applications of SCM Concepts & Practice
• Case Studies: Indian & Global
• Latest Trends and Practices
• In-depth Discussion & Analysis

The indicative modules can be enhanced/replaced at the sole discretion of Program Coordinator.

Conduct of Classes
The classes will be conducted from IIT.

Evaluation Methodology
Assignments & Online Quiz

“Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management” by IIT.

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