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Growth is based on implementation energy efficient data centers. Access to locations across the world through strategically placed cables promise to make Finland the location of choice for a data center. Google PUE of 1.1 in Finlandis unmatched anywhere else in the world. Climatic environment is an asset in Finland as data centers need cooling. Scale is everything in the era of Clos architecture of the data center and optical transceivers for inside the data center. Data moves at the speed of light around the network inside the data center so scale is important. Outside the mega data center, the charter is to leverage international cable infrastructure. Plans are attracting investment in data communications access in Finland that provides worldwide reach with millisecond data transmission anywhere.

The market for Hyperscale Data Centers in Finland sector at $5 billion in 2018 is expected to be worth $17 billion by 2025. Growth is based on implementation of streaming mobile smart phone network connectivity, tablet use for mobile computing, Internet apps, cloud computing, IoT, and business process management systems (BPM) that support collaboration. 5G processes API components to support technology innovation and change. Hyperscale data center implementation is a key aspect of those aspects of web process making IT flexible and adaptable. Finland has the land and the renewable energy capability to make data centers efficient. The cold climate is a asset when cooling heat generated by the compute infrastructure.

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According to Susan Eustis, principal author of the study, “The communication of data accurately is a demanding task. The data centers in Finland are poised to be world-class, supporting interconnectivity to the US, Europe, and Asia.”

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

• Google
• Equinix
• Fujitsu
• Microsoft
• Telia
• Tieto

Market Participants

• Cinia
• Data Center Finland Oy
• Digitice
• Ficolo
• Microsoft / Nokia
• Amazon Web Services
• Neoxen Systems
• North Shore DC’s
• The Arctic Connect Cable way
• North Shore DC Engineering Services for International Operators
• Silent Partner Group of Companies
• Telia
• Sonera

Key Topics

• Hyperscale Data Centers
• Mega Data Centers
• Efficient Data Centers
• Google PUE of 1.1 in Finland
• Finland Data Communication
• World class data centers
• Business Ecosystems Networks
• Colocation Service Equipment
• Round Trip Delay Table
• Cloud Exchange Fabric Data Transport
• Arctic Connect Cableway

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