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Appearance plays a major role in life. With a beautiful appearance, life will be much easier. Dr. Igor Ribeiro is available to help people in Fortaleza City to improve their appearance to the next level.

Being beautiful is every woman’s dream. With a beautiful appearance, one can have an easier time in life. It is good luck to someone who was born with an attractive and charming appearance. If someone is not gifted with their appearance, do not be discouraged, Dr. Igor Ribeiro is available to help people to rejuvenate their appearance in Fortaleza City, Brazil.  Being more beautiful or handsome in Fortaleza is easy now, as one of the prominent aesthetic doctors practises in Fortaleza. Dr. Igor Ribeiro is a certified aesthetic doctor in the area of Facial Harmonization in Fortaleza (Harmonização Facial em Fortaleza) as well as aesthetic dentistry. Both women and men can undergo aesthetic treatments with Dr. Igor Ribeiro without surgery.  

Dr. Igor Ribeiro is a renowned aesthetic doctor in the area of Facial Harmonization and Dental Veneers In Fortaleza (Lente de Contato Dental em Fortaleza). Igor Ribeiro’s aesthetic treatment includes Botulinum toxin, Lip filling, Double Chin Reduction, Wrinkle reduction, Dark spots reduction, Mandibular filling, Rhino modeling, Bichectomy, Microneedling and many more. Dr. Igor Ribeiro is the third generation in his family as a dentist. In which; his grandfather is the founder of the Dentistry degree at the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR). His passion for aesthetic treatment and dentistry has led him to study at the largest anatomy center in the world, the MARC Institute (Miami Anatomical Research Center), in the United States. Now, with his competence and has successfully performed hundreds of  non-surgical surgery, he becomes an expert of Facial Lifting in Fortaleza ( Lifting Facial fios de PDO em Fortaleza) with happy patients from all over the world, including celebrities and soccer player, such as Goleiro Éverson (do Santos).

About Igor Ribeiro Rola

Igor Ribeiro Rola is a certified aesthetic doctor who practices in Fortaleza City, Brazil. He specializes and focuses on improving Facial Harmonization and other aesthetic treatments such as Dental Veneers and Lip Filler in Fortaleza ( Preenchimento Labial em Fortaleza). He strives to provide excellent aesthetic treatments for his patients to get a better appearance and big smiles. For more information about Dr. Igor Ribeiro or make an appointment, kindly visit or call (85) 98899-1112.


Dr. Igor Ribeiro 

(85) 98899-1112