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Clinical Research has become a booming field of study and employment, due to the varied needs of the people in the field of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry with the rising demand in perfecting and creating new forms of medication that is both effective and safe for use. Clinical research courses are also highly sought after due to the large scope of career opportunities it gives to the candidates of this field.

You may be wondering what kind of career opportunities or which position would you get as a student of Clinical research?

1. CR Associate- Clinical Research Associate is someone who’s involved in the process of overseeing the development and creation of new medication or improvement of existing medicine through the use of clinical trials and testing. They are the ones who monitor and supervise the clinical trials that take place to ensure the production of effective and safe medication being created. They’re the ones are responsible for the safety of the drugs being administrated and leading the trials while keeping the patient’s health in mind, they are generally managing more than one clinical trial at the time so are generally sought after in the field of clinical research.

2. Biostatistician- biostatisticians are responsible for the application of math, statistics and observe patterns of data in the field of biological research, medicine and pharmacology. They do this through their collection of data through the course of a clinical trial and use statistical analysis to reach a conclusion in their research which will lead to the results of whether the medication is effective or not and will make sure of its content as they are well versed in the biological aspects of how medication effects the body. Biostatisticians are constantly in demand due to their specialisation in profession and are paid handsomely for their work.

3. Clinical Research Investigator- they are the experts who conduct the research and are actively involved in the researching aspect of this field, candidates interested in the development and improvement of medication and drugs should definitely look into this option. As they administer the research practices which need to be ethical and professional in nature, conducting trials and when they need to take place and they’re the ones who ultimately work on the process of administering of medication to the people who are part of the trial and investigate the effects of the medication and it’s positives and negatives.

4. Data manager- As clinical research requires a large amount of clinical human trials, they end up with large amounts of data and clinical data managers are the ones who process, collect and manage the data they receive based off of the trials. It is a vital role in clinical research as without proper management of data there could be grave mistakes made due to lack of proper data processing. As the medical and pharmaceutical industry needs to meet higher demands of production everyday, data management has become an integral part of clinical research, and is also becoming a compulsory need as regulating authorities expect high quality products for the medical field.

5. Medical Coder- these professionals in the field of medical code are involved in the translation of medical records into medical codes for the use of research, especially as they are such a specific set of experts their work is of great importance as there’s much fewer medical coders in comparison to other coding professionals in the industries. They are especially important once the trial and testing phase is over and they are in charge of giving reports to higher authorities of the effects and safeness of the medication. This information may have you wondering which course would be the best to give you opportunities in all these fields.

Clariwell Global Services, located in Pune offers one such distinct and unique course, which involves an immersive and engaging way of learning which helps the candidate adapt to the settings of their future professional roles as Clinical Research Analysts. The student is introduced to diverse features and given training in regards to building effective networks via communication, how one must prepare their resumes and development of their respective presentations, and how to successfully pass interviews. As Clariwell Global Services invests in their employees, who are accomplished Trainers known for their expertise in the field of Clinical Research. The Trainers guide the candidates by providing them with exposure to the corporate field, via real-time experiences. As the course is designed in a well thought out manner by proficient members of the industry, whose expertise goes far beyond the textbook

Once the student has been trained and experienced in the field there are abundant career opportunities, especially in the current scenario as highly trained professionals are required in the industry. Clinical Research training is administered by Clariwell Global Services, and this training course is constructed with the thought of future employment being kept at its focus, for both newcomers as well as highly seasoned professionals. This field is always in need of new innovative solutions and bright candidates who can create a lasting impact in the field of pharmacological research, both profitable and successful in nature a course in Clinical Research has more benefits than one can count.