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Antibodies are essential research tools that have allowed researchers in different scientific fields to define, classify, find or quantify protein targets. If you need custom rabbit antibodies and are looking for the best supplier, one who can offer the best antibodies, then Capralogics can help.

With more than 25years of experience, they have been committed to providing high-quality animal serum and plasma in various industries (pharmaceutical, diagnostic and research, to name a few).

Capralogics is an OLAW-compliant, USDA-licensed company that also has an EC 1069/2009 registration as a blood collection facility. The company produces and provides novel research antibody products. They boast a comprehensive antibody production and service portfolio. From the design of an antigen to custom antibody generation, their specialist scientists and skilled technical support team have got you covered whenyou need custom antibodies.

They take on custom antibody development projects. They also offer options for all levels of antibody production. Immunized with recombinant proteins or protein fragments given by you (or displayed and cleaned in our lab utilizing cDNAs from their large in-house genomics library) to produce antibodies in rabbits, chickens, goats, guinea pigs, mice, or rats.

When it comes to protocol and management options with added security, assurance and command over their daily operations, you can rely on Capralogics to offer their services with flexibility. They approach every project with careful attention and pride thanks to their dedication to customer satisfaction.For any type of antibody production, let their highly trained and skilled team handle every phase.

At Capralogics Inc., we provide custom polyclonal antibody development services to a variety of customers and have done so since 1994.

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