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Indian Institute of Finance hosted its IIF Webinar Workshop cum Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “How to Research and Publish (in refereed High Impact Factor Journals which are indexed by SCOPUS, ABDC, SSCI Web of Science, JEL, Cabbels, UGC, Academy of Sciences)” on June 2nd, 2020 from 7 PM to 10 PM (4 Hours). The webinar had over 936 Registered Participants within 36 hours of announcement and over 389 active participants on Zoom Platform and more on YouTube Live for the 4 hours global summit workshop represented by all 7 Continents and with over 24 Countries worldwide.

The Plenary Guest of Honour Keynote Speech was delivered by Dr. B.P. Singh, 14th Governor of Sikkim, INDIA; Secretary Home (1995-97), GOI, INDIA and Executive Director (1999-2002), The World Bank, USA. Renowned Professors, Experts and Gurus addressed the IIF Webinar Workshop cum FDP as Editor’s Address with over 45 years experience from USA, UK, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND, TURKEY, CHINA, GERMANY, SLOVENIA, MALAYSIA, ROMANIA, AUSTRALIA, INDIA & Others.

The Webinar was moderated by Prof. Aman Agarwal, Professor of Finance & Dean (IR) Indian Institute of Finance ( and Executive Editor, Finance India ( The Webinar was attended by over 389 global participants from USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Turkey, Romania, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, Poland, Zambia, India and others.

The Editor’s who addressed the global summit were Prof. Dr. Bala Kashi R Balachandran (NYU Stern School of Business, USA & Founder Editor, JAAF); Prof. Dr. Lynn Martin (Anglia Ruskin University, UNITED KINGDOM); Prof. Dr. Junzo Watada (Waseda University, JAPAN; ZGU China & Universiti Teknologi Petronas, MALAYSIA); Prof. Dr. Giovanni Barone-Adesi (Swiss Finance Institute & University of Lugano, SWITZERLAND); Prof. Dr. M Banu Durukan (Dokuz Eyful University, TURKEY & Ljubljana University, SLOVANIA); Prof. Dr. Valentina Emilia Balas (Aurel Vlaicu University, ROMANIA); Prof. Dr. J.D. Agarwal (Indian Institute of Finance, INDIA & Editor-in-Chief, Finance India); Prof. Dr. Yamini Agarwal (IIF Business School AKTU, INDIA& Finance India). One can listen to the Gurus at Watch on IIF News & Broadcasting at .

His Excellency 14th Governor of Sikkim Dr. B.P. Singh in his Opening Address said that Institutions create the present and future of a country. Bakhtiyar Khilzi burnt the library of Nalanda University (India’s & World’s best temple of learning) with bad intention of destroying India’s super power in sharing knowledge. Research work never ends in this world. I would like to congratulate and wish all Editorial speakers a grand success given that IIF has created this platform in the last 33 years where scholars from around the world have been contributing in generating and disseminating research and knowledge.Prof. Dr. J. D. Agarwal (INDIA) said research is like searching for a black cat in a dark room and at the end of the search we get a white cat which is innovative, useful and acceptable for the whole world. Research may be fundamental and empirical in nature as per evidence and data provided. Prof Dr. Bala Kashi R Balachandran (USA) emphasized that one should send their research paper to the journal which publishes in a similar field of research work, so that it could reach out to maximum number of readers who are interested in that research work. Prof. Dr. Lynn Martin (UNITED KINGDOM) stressed that researchers should choose Journal as per the audience and the research work and not choose research title as per the specific journal to publish. Dr. Junzo Watada (JAPAN) reiterated that one should not give up continuing the research on the same topic and move to a new topic but continue the past research. He also stressed that in research work, methodology should be applied on the real problem. Prof. Dr. Giorvanni Barona Adesi (SWITZERLAND) emphasized the need for a logical & valid question during the research period. He also stressed the need of a mentor of the same field who can guide us to do deep research on the same topic in the right direction. Prof. Dr. M. Banu Durakan (TURKEY) said that while doing the research work we must have Information Literacy like Media literacy, Research and library skills, Critical literacy and Information Ethics and at the time of submitting the research paper one must follow the submission guidelines, avoid handling feedback unprofessionally and don’t submit without revision of summary of changes. Prof. Dr. Valentina Emila Balas (ROMANIA) stressed that we should work on the research of our own interested topic to give our own 100% and it also helps to maintain continuity in the work even after rejection. Prof. Dr. Yamini Agarwal (INDIA) stressed that the research must have social relevance. We should complete our research work as soon as possible and should also look after the earlier finished research work to add some innovative and creative work if required.