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Cortisol is a kind of stress hormone produced from adrenal glands of your body, and it can increase the blood glucose levels. Cortisol is produced due to stress, physical, mental, or emotional feelings. The other things cortisol is produced with the response to bad diet, lack of sleep, and some common problems like job pressure, fights between the family members, etc. When your cortisol level in the body is too high, it may affect the internal system of the body, so try to keep your cortisol level in control and low as possible to get good sleep at night feeling free from stress and other sorrows. Nutrasen Wellness is a well-known company which provides the solution for lowering cortisol level in your body and helps to get a peaceful sleep to live a healthy life.

Sleep is the best solution for many problems in your life. A lack of sleep also affects your cortisol level and leads to an increase in the cortisol level in the body causes several health issues. A common person should sleep get a quality and peaceful sleep for an hour of 7 to 8 in a day.

Another thing which gives the best results in lowering cortisol level is the relaxation it can be achieved practicing yoga, listening to soft music, spending time with nature, etc. These are things a proven thing naturally helps to reduce stress which is the main reason for cortisol. Choose any one of these which is comfortable for you and do it on your regular basis on a daily schedule.

Studies and research have found that taking natural supplements helps to reduce cortisol level naturally because the natural supplements contain herbal supplements called ashwagandha which is an Asian herbal supplement that is used for past centuries to reduce cortisol level naturally. Intake of natural supplements for twice a day for 60 days will reduce cortisol level and gives good result in your body. A product named “Shanti” sleep supplement from Nutrasen Wellness contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha which is proven to give the best results in the process lowering cortisol levels.

About Nutrasen Health & Wellness

Nutrasen Health and Wellness is an esteemed company that helps people to live a healthier and happier life. Their product named ‘Shanti’ which is made up of natural ingredients gives you many benefits such as promotes deep sleep, good mood, energy, and focus, Reduces Stress and Anxiety, and many more. The Company assures you of the quality of the product and offers a 90-day guarantee plan. Their focus is on the body and health of the people as it needs more attention than any other thing to lead a happy life. For more information, visit


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