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The change during the COVID-19 pandemic has upgraded our reliance on trend setting innovations, for example, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the industrial internet of things. The unfulfilled money related targets are convincing the associations to embrace robotization and cutting edge innovations to remain ahead in the market rivalry. Organizations are using this open door by distinguishing day by day operational needs and teaching robotization in it to make a computerized framework as long as possible.

Persistence Market Research published a report on the pea protein market, which includes the global industry analysis 2014-2018 and opportunity assessment 2019-2029, and projects that the pea protein market is expected to reach ~ US$ 1 Bn by the end of 2019 in terms of value, and is forecasted to reach ~ US$ 1.6 Bn by the end of 2029.

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Rising Demand for Lactose-Free and Gluten-Free Ingredients

With the increasing population, the demand for protein and nutrition is increasing across the world. Proteins can be derived from various products such as dairy products, plant-based ingredients, and animal-based products. There is substantial rise in lactose-intolerant population and health-conscious consumers. These consumers seek protein ingredients, which are lactose-free and gluten-free. Pea proteins are naturally lactose-free and gluten-free. Peas are a rich source of protein and other nutrients. Thus, consumers have started consuming pea proteins to fulfill their nutritional demand.

Changing Consumer Perspective in Emerging Markets

Consumers in North America and Europe are well aware of their fitness, and consuming healthy products to maintain their health. However, in emerging markets such as South Asia and East Asia, consumers are now becoming aware of fitness and about the benefits of consuming healthy products. Thus, health is becoming the first priority in emerging markets. Pea protein powder is nutritionally very beneficial for human health. Pea protein powder can help build muscles when paired with resistance training. Pea protein is a non-GMO vegetable protein and an ideal source of post workout nutrition for athletes who may have difficulty consuming other types of protein. Manufacturers have lucrative opportunities in sports nutrition, as the health-conscious consumer base is increasing across the globe. This rising awareness among consumers about fitness and nutritional food is helping pea protein emerge as a nutraceutical supplement in sports nutrition.

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Protein Mania – Developed World’s New Diet Obsession

Health is a major concern for most people. Some people exercise to keep their body fit, while others follow the path of diet and nutrition. Diet and nutrition involve the consumption of a large amount of protein. This nutritional diet is more expensive as compared to a normal diet. A diet high in protein is the latest trend in many established and emerging markets. Plant-based proteins are trending in developed markets, and this trend is expected to boost the demand for pea protein in the world market.

Companies Profiles

  • Ingredion Incorporated 
  • Cargill Incorporated 
  • DowDuPont 
  • AGT Food And Ingredients 
  • Farbest Brands 
  • Roquette Frères
  • Glanbia Plc.
  • The Green Labs LLC
  • Bioway (Xi’an) Organic Ingredients Co. Ltd.
  • The Scoular Company 
  • Axiom Foods, Inc.
  • NOW Health Group, Inc.
  • Aminola
  • Maxsun Industries Inc 
  • Vestkorn Milling AS
  • Gemef Industries
  • A&B Ingredients
  • Greenway Organics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
  • Phyto-Therapy Pty Ltd
  • Puris

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