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The touchscreen on a Garmin Nuvi GPS usually loses sensitivity or stops reacting if it loses calibration. It usually occurs after prolonged use. Touchscreen problems are also affected by dirt, spots, and incorrect care. If your Garmin Nuvi’s screen is not working as required, Garmin not only gives solutions and tips to develop device performance but limits premature wear and tear. If you want to talk Garmin supports Expert for solution any more problem.

Screen Calibrating

If the touchscreen of the Garmin Nuvi is not working, then you need to calibrate the screen. Calibration reenters the screen for optimal performance without removing saved settings. Before calibrating the screen, hold down the “Power” button to turn the device off. Pushing and holding the “Power” key again for about 30 seconds automatically presents the calibration screen. Touch the dot on the white screen automatically calibrates the touchscreen. It is very easy to do it or you can call Garmin Tech support number.

Software update

If the touchscreen of Garmin Nuvi is still unresponsive, then updating the device’s firmware to the newest version can solve operating system difficulties that lead to touchscreen issues.

Before updating the firmware of the device, connect the GPS to the computer using a USB cable. When the computer detects GPS, an “Autoplay” menu appears on the screen. Hitting the arrow on the menu automatically starts the “my Garmin Agent” download page. From beyond, follow the prompts to update your Garmin Nuvi’s software instantly and securely. Garmin Has best Garmin Technical support team for customer help 24 hours a day.


In some cases, the touchscreen of the Garmin Nuvi will not respond to touch when the screen is dirty. Touchscreens are dirt-sensitive And have smoothness reducing sensitivity. If the screen is infected, cleaning it with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth increases performance. If the screen is severely dirty, using water, isopropyl alcohol or glasses cleaner removes hard stains. To avoid damaging the screen, apply a liquid directly to cloth instead of a touchscreen before cleaning. If you face any more similar problem with it and you could not able to fix it then Call Garmin Support help Line Number for Tech support.


Gamin Support team Mentioned here tips to fix this problem. Look at the maintenance and storage information for your Garmin Nuvi, which is found on the device’s manual, preventing premature wear and tear. If the screen stops working after prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures or water, the device’s hardware suffers most. In such a case, you require to contact Garmin for extra troubleshooting and likely repairs. Attempting to self-disassemble and repair the GPS increases the risk of causing further damage to the unit. So call the Garmin Support expert to fix it without any risk.

Garmin Nuvi has a frozen screen and will not boot up

Many times, the Garmin Nuvi can freeze, making it impossible to do anything on the GPS. In these examples, you will have to reset Your Garmin Nuvi factory defaults. Depending on which model you have, there are two ways to reset the Garmin Nuvi. Some models have a reset button, while others require you to use an alternate method. After resetting the Nuvi, follow the on-screen signals and then place your device in a clear field of view of the sky until it receives the satellite.

Step 1

Press the “Reset” button at the bottom of Garmin Nuvi for eight seconds and then release the button. If your Garmin Nuvi does not have a reset button, go to step 2, otherwise, go to step 3.

Step 2

Slide the power key into the “on” position and hold it for eight seconds, then release the key.

Step 3

Slide the power key to the “on” position to start the Garmin Nuvi.

However, the master reset will erase all saved favorites, leaving any loaded custom points of interest on the device intact. The message in step 3 does not appear when using the top right corner of the touchscreen, repeat these steps using the lower right corner of the touchscreen.

All the step is very easy to fix this issue. But still, if you have an issue with this then call the Garmin Support Expert. Garmin technical support team will solve your issue instantly without any fee. You can call any time Garmin Helpline number to get a solution of any Garmin issue.

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