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Dissertation, also known as a thesis, is a document written based on the research and findings by the students on a specific topic that are presented by the students to obtain their academic degree. Desklib is an online library that offers homework help to college students. now lets get back to the point the Word ‘dissertation’ is also used in place of word ‘essay’ sometimes which is not wrong but the difference that comes in them is of the length. A dissertation is bigger than an essay. A dissertation is to be presented after doing a thorough research and analysis of the subject matter which is based on the facts and have proofs to support your point. It is often complex to work on and consumes a lot of time and efforts.
Dissertation writing involves following a standard structure to be written according to. The standard structure includes:

Title page

The first page of your dissertation which includes the name, department, institution, your name and name of the person you’re submitting it to, date etc.


This section includes the message to thank your supervisors, friends, family or any other person who helped you through your dissertation writing. This is optional but it is compulsory for most of the institution.


This is basically a summary or the main idea about your dissertation which is written in about 150-300 words and includes the main topic, the methods used, the summarized result and the conclusion.

Table of content

Table of content is a list of all the chapters, titles, subheading etc. and the page number of your dissertation content.


The introduction introduces the readers with the topic of your dissertation, the purpose of you writing it and its relevance. It establishes readers’ focus and keeps your discussion in front.
Literature review

The literature review is mentioned to tell the reference from where the dissertation was studied and which supports the idea behind your dissertation.


Discussion includes your research findings and how they support the idea behind your research.


The conclusion includes how the research and the reference that prove the main question behind the dissertation.


This includes all the sources that you referred to for your dissertation. This may include websites, blogs, books, etc.
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