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The latest report on Automotive Antifreeze Market by Infinium Global Research gives complete coverage of the automotive antifreeze market by product type (glycerin, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol), technology (IAT, OAT, and HOAT), vehicle type (passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles), application (automotive, aerospace and industrial) in terms of key trends, market size, forecast and CAGR growth over the period of 2019 to 2025. In addition, the study covers deep dive into key product and application trends in the regional markets of automotive antifreeze such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America over the short run and long run.

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Widely Used in the Automotive Cooling System to Prevent Damage to the Engine Water Jacket and Radiator

Antifreeze or coolant is an additive used, to manage the temperature of the engine and protect liquid-cooled internal combustion engines from freezing during the winter and boil-over during the summer. Antifreeze performs two primary functions such as lowering the freezing point of coolant and raising the boiling point of the coolant.

Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are antifreeze commonly used anti-freezing agents added to water. It is widely used in the automotive cooling system to prevent damage to the engine water jacket and radiator. Used antifreeze may become contaminated with organic compounds like benzene and heavy metal such as lead when removed from vehicles.

Rising automotive industry all over the globe and growing demand for high-performance commercial vehicles are the key factors to enhance the growth of automotive antifreeze market. In addition, growing concerns related to protecting the automotive engines and radiators are propelling the demand for automotive antifreeze products. Increased demand for Ethylene Glycol to further facilitate growth in this market.

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 Huge Growth for Automotive Antifreeze Industry

Ethylene Glycol is mainly used in the automotive industry owing to its desirable thermal properties, including a high boiling point, low freezing point. Going forward, research and development activities for cost-effective, environment-friendly, Bio-Based Coolants or Antifreeze are anticipated to create immense opportunities for the automotive antifreeze market over the forecast period.

The Asia Pacific region is dominated by the automotive antifreeze market followed by North America. The factor responsible for the growth of this market is the growing demand for passenger cars and lightweight vehicles in countries such as India, China, and Japan. In addition, the presence of major automobile manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region and increasing the sale of automobiles in China is also creating huge growth for the automotive antifreeze market. North America is anticipated to be the fastest-growing region in the automotive antifreeze market. The demand for light vans and trucks has grown in this region. Europe has expected the steady growth in this market owing to the growing automotive manufacturing and aerospace sector.

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  • Comprehensive analysis of global as well as regional markets of the automotive antifreeze.
  • Complete coverage of all the product types and application segments to analyze the trends, developments, and forecast of market size up to 2025.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the companies operating in this market. The company profile includes analysis of product portfolio, revenue, SWOT analysis and the latest developments of the company.
  • Infinium Global Research- Growth Matrix presents an analysis of the product segments and geographies that market players should focus to invest, consolidate, expand and/or diversify.