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HSRC’s recently published Explosives Detection Systems Market, Technologies and Industry 2019-2025 report provides industry’s decision-makers with insight and intelligence that will translate directly into bottom line results. The report concentrates on a detailed analysis of the current and future state of technologies and markets in each relevant industry segment, in terms of both detection systems technology and functionality. The report offers for each of its 205 sub-markets: 2016-2017 market data and analyses, as well as 2019-2025 forecasts and analyses.

The research is based on a unique team of high-level experts having a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in explosives detection systems, technologies and markets. The lead analyst of the report led a team of hundreds of engineers who developed and commercialized the following explosives and weapons detection products:

• Explosives Trace Detectors
• Tomographic EDSs
• X-Ray Screening Systems
• IED Mitigation Devices

The research team provided consultation services and customized reports on Explosives Detection Systems and Technologies to the following governmental bodies and security agencies:

• S. Congress
• Sweden Customs Services
• Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
• Israeli National Security Agency
• S. DOD
• S. Army
• Israeli Counter Terror Agency

This market report analyzed and crosschecked:

• By 7 Vertical Markets:

1. Aviation Security
2. Maritime Security
3. Land Transportation Security
4. Secured Perimeters & Buildings
5. Postal Security
6. Public Venue Security
7. Other Vertical Markets

• By 8 Technology Markets:

1. Explosives Trace Detection Systems (ETD)
2. IED Mitigation Technologies
3. Standoff Detection
4. IoT & Predictive Maintenance
5. EDS & BHS
6. Full Body Scanners (AIT)
7. X-ray Scanners (w/o AIT)
8. Big Data & Data Analytics

• By 3 Revenue Segments:

1. Product Sales
2. Aftersale Revenues
3. Planning, Consulting & Training Services

• By 5 Regional Markets:

1. North America
2. Latin America
3. Europe
4. Middle East and Africa
5. Asia-Pacific

• By 46 National Markets, including US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, China, and more.

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