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Most consumer-oriented companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the consumer experience they can offer. This involves the analysis of various aspects of a user’s situation and the feedback they can offer. With the help of context rich systems, a company can analyze the entirety of the consumer experience spectrum through the combined use of big data, embedded sensors, and SMAC. Context rich systems can also offer a situational dynamic data entry for various environments for a stronger position for a client company. This forms the key driver supporting the growth of the global context rich systems market.

Additionally, the context rich systems players can look forward to the immense number of mobile subscribers that are still increasing in number at a high rate. 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers were present in 2014 and the ITU expects another billion to be added by 2020. This is an almost overwhelming addition of Internet users over the coming years and a great opportunity for the providers of context rich systems solutions to put their strongest foot forward.

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North America was the leading region for context rich systems solutions in the recent past and is expected to continue leading the demand for CRS solutions till 2022. This factor is attributed to the large IT industry base along with a highly consumer-oriented professional culture and the prominent presence of key players in the region.

The large number of companies in North America that is currently implementing or deploying context rich systems solutions across multiple product and service offerings is instrumental to the staggering demand for CRS in the region. By the end of 2022, the revenue earned by CRS players from North America is expected to reach US$1.64 bn.