Andrew & Andrew: Providing Trusted Advice in All Things Conveyancing

For over 60 years, conveyancing solicitors Andrew & Andrew have provided legal advice and services to clients in and around Portsmouth.

[PORTSMOUTH, 22/03/2019] – Whether buying a house, selling a house, getting a remortgage, transferring equity or arranging shared ownership, Andrew & Andrew conveyancing solicitors are on hand to help clients through the legal intricacies and explain everything clearly, without any jargon.

Andrew & Andrew make house buying or selling go smoothly

A single missed or late document or form can significantly delay the house buying process. Andrew & Andrew conveyancing solicitors will make sure all relevant documents are provided on time and will check over every detail of the contract so that clients known exactly what they are getting when they sign on the dotted line.

Andrew & Andrew take the stress out of getting a remortgage

Having been in the game of conveyancing for decades, Andrew & Andrew are considered reputable conveyancing solicitors in the area and are therefore on most lender mortgage panels. Having helped thousands of homeowners in their time as conveyancing solicitors, they understand that time is often of the essence and will do all they can to ensure things proceed in a timely manner.

Andrew & Andrew are skilled in transfers of equity

The reasons for a transfer in equity are many and varied: marriage, divorce, a change in the property’s share status, tax planning, to name a few. Andrew & Andrew conveyancing solicitors have dealt with them all and have the experience and know-how to help clients through the process and, on completion, register the transfer deed with the Land Registry.

Andrew & Andrew know all about shared ownership

Shared ownership isn’t something all conveyancing solicitors will be experienced in but Andrew & Andrew has years of experience to their name. Shared ownership gives clients the chance to buy a part of their home and pay rent on the rest, therefore sharing ownership with, in most cases, a housing association or local authority.

Andrew & Andrew conveyancing solicitors with accreditation

Andrew & Andrew conveyancing solicitors hold the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme accreditation, so clients in need of a conveyancing solicitors can be assured of their credibility.

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