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21 March 2019 – Katana Pros provides the possibility to everyone from this planet to master the Japanese culture by owning a katana. What is Katana and why Katana Pros store is the best place to get it – you will decide soon.


Kathana is a long Japanese sword. In modern Japanese, the word katana also means any sword. Katana means “curved sword with a one-sided blade.” The shape of the blade of the katana resembles a sword, but its handle is straight and long, which allows the use of a two-handed grip. The pommel is absent. The slight bend of the blade and the sharp end allow stabbing as well.


The length of the original blade of katana is from 60.6 to 75.7 cm. The katana was used primarily as a cutting weapon, sometimes piercing, allowing both two-handed and one-handed grips. The oldest katana schools of art originate from the 15th — 16th centuries. The basic idea of ​​the Japanese art of owning a sword (kenjutsu) and techniques based on it (such as iaido) is that the longitudinal axis of the sword during an attack should go to the target not at a right angle, but along its plane, causing cutting blows. Therefore, it is more appropriate to speak here not of blows – in the form in which they are characteristic of the western techniques of the sword – but of cuts. That is why the blades have a curved shape. Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi wrote the book “Gorin no sho” (The Book of Five Rings), in which he reveals his technique of two swords and justifies it in an esoteric perspective. Work with katana and ‘wakizashi’ is similar to ‘eskrima’ techniques (the modern name is Arnis de Mano). Kenjutsu, the practical art of fencing with a sword, has been reborn into a modern form – ‘gendai budo’. If you are wondering to have a katana in your house, then you can appeal to Katana Pros – the place where you will receive it fast and very cheap.


About Katana Pros:

Katana Pros is an online shop proposing to people the chance to get katana for dale, with a great history behind. Not just simple souvenirs, but things with some energy inside and with great value. If you are thinking about buying katana as a gift, then the Katana Pros store is the perfect place.



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