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Substation designing software is a tool used for developing conceptual layouts of electrical substations. The software also helps in the selection of the most suitable solution or layout for a specific application. Substation designing software allows to save time and avoid repetitive tasks. The user needs to submit answers for specific questions which will generate feasible layouts as per the response submitted. As multiple utilities have their own procedures, and standards and guidelines for designing substations, user feedback is crucial in the substation designing process.

Utilities are searching for simplified solutions which would help them design the substation of their choice. Substation designing software provides an alternative way of designing a substation efficiently as compared to traditional processes. It is a superior choice compared to the old labor intensive processes which would result in multiple iterations along with extended timeline and increased cost. Majority of substation projects have multiple components in common; these components are provided as ready to build models within the substation designing software.

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It helps in reducing the time by utilizing ready to use models rather than designing the same models every time. It also helps engineers to focus on the intricate parts of a substation which are highly customized and vary according to the customer requirements and standards. Collectively, the above mentioned factors are expected to drive the substation designing software market during the forecast period. Furthermore, as the software develops multiple models, the user can assess these options and choose the suitable option which would result in optimum utilization of their resources. Legacy solutions are not able to provide such options for users as it would take substantial time to develop even a single model.