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Electrode paste, also known as soderberg paste, is used in the manufacture of carbon electrodes. It is employed in electric arc furnace for the production of various types of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and other chemicals. Various raw materials are required for the production of electrode paste. These include calcined anthracite, coal tar, and calcined petroleum coke or calcined pitch coke.

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Significant advancements have taken place in electrode paste over the last few decades. Electrode paste helps decrease the impedance of the contact. It can easily be modified by using various other types of mixtures in order to obtain desired shapes and properties. However, high cost of production and high initial cost of implementation are likely to hamper the electrode paste market. Implementation of stringent regulations pertaining to the manufacture of electrode paste is adversely affecting the manufacturing process. However, technological advancements are projected to lower the cost of electrode paste.

The electrode paste market can be segmented based on grade, form, application, and region. In terms of grade, the market can be bifurcated into unbaked paste and baked paste. Based on form, the electrode paste market can be classified into briquette carbon electrode, trapezium carbon electrode, cylinder electrode paste, and others. The size and shape of briquette carbon electrode depends on the shape of molds. Trapezium carbon electrodes widen at their ends akin to a trapezium, where the electrode junction is made during the manufacturing process. Electrode paste is used in a wide range of applications such as ferrous alloys, non-ferrous alloys, calcium carbide, metal cleaning, and others. Electrode paste is largely used in the production of ferro alloys, metal cleaning products, and calcium carbide.

In terms of region, Asia Pacific is the prominent region of the global electrode paste market, led by rapid growth in the industrial sector in countries such as India, China, Japan, and Australia. The electrode paste market in China is estimated to expand at a substantial pace owing to the high growth in the manufacturing industry, which uses electrode paste for various purposes. Countries in Europe such as France, Germany, and Italy employ electrode paste in the production of alloys and super alloys. North America is the one of the major regions of the global electrode paste market, led by the U.S. Government’s policy to refurbish its industrial and commercial sector. Increase in demand for high performance, lightweight materials in aerospace, automotive, industrial gas turbines, and industrial applications is expected to positively impact the electrode paste market. The Association of European Ferro-Alloy Producers has been promoting the usage of electrode paste in various applications. Demand for electrode paste in countries such as Mexico and Brazil in Latin America is rising due to the rapid industrialization. Africa is also anticipated to create lucrative opportunities for the electrode paste market in the next few years due to the increase the production of alloys and super alloys in the region.

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Key players operating in the global electrode paste market include Lanzhou Yangguang Carbon Corp, Elkem Carbon, India Carbon Ltd., Redox Pty Ltd, Shanxi Danyuan Holdings Co., Ltd., Carbon Resources (P) Ltd, and VUM, a.s. These companies are investing in R&D activities to develop advanced products to cater to the demand from various industries.