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The washer system used in vehicles is a vital convenience and safety feature. The washer system removes the dirt and water and improves the visibility to aid driver. The washer system consist of a water tank, water pump, wiper arms, motor and other components. Technological advancements has led to development of headlight washer technologies with the conventional windshield washer system.

The headlamp washer system have undergone a revolution with the wipers disappearing as the new polycarbonate headlamps developed scratch. The headlamp washer nowadays only use a high speed jet fitted on the bumper that removes the dirt on the headlamp surface. The headlamp washer system for vehicle market is expected to grow in North America and Europe region as they use road salts and antifreeze chemicals to prevent ice forming on roads. The dirt accumulation on headlamps increase glare to other road users and also reduces visibility of driver. Continental Automotive GmbH, Kautex and Valeo are leading companies developing headlight washer systems.

The global washer system for vehicle market is classified by washer system type, vehicle type, component type, sales channel type and geography. By system type the global washer system for vehicle market is classified under three systems. The windshield washer system is the leading segment with major market share.

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The market for the headlight washer system is expected to witness a higher CAGR. The headlight washer system has penetrated the premium car markets with leading automakers like Mercedes, Volvo and Skoda using the system. The development of technology and visibility regulations are suspected to boost the headlight washer system for vehicle market further.