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The spin field-effect transistor developed by Datta and Das opens access to spin information processing. The integration of the spin degree of freedom in charge based electronic devices has revolutionized both sensing and memory capability in microelectronics. Since the conventional electronics facing many problems, spin based devices arise as the solution for the next generation of integrated circuit. Spintronics makes many advantages to the functionality of logical operation and information processing compared with traditional semiconductors. Further development in spintronic devices requires electrical manipulation of spin current for logic operations. A semiconductor channel contacted with two ferromagnetic electrodes constitute a spin field effect transistor (Spin-FET) which is a foundation device in spintronics.

The spin field effect transistor market (Spin-FET) is anticipated to grow in forecast period, since semiconductor spintronics device promising to deliver a performance superior to that achieved with present transistor technology. Recent research and development have allowed the production of spin transistors, using readily available substance that can operate at room temperature: expected to commercially viable.

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The spin field effect transistors market expected to be driven by characteristics of spin field-effect transistor’s such as smaller size, quicker, lower power usage, and generating lower heat than the present charge based transistors.

However, few operational challenges anticipated to restrain growth of spin field effect transistors market can categorize all these challenges into four main classes, viz. spin injection, spin transport, spin detection, and spin manipulation.