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Cabinet refinishing is one of the effective methods through which you can transform you kitchen. It is an excellent option for the homeowners having a tight budget to upgrade their kitchen by simply upgrading the finish or the color and by keeping the same cabinets. This procedure will allow you to enjoy a new kitchen only for a fraction of the cost in replacing the whole kitchen cabinets. Our team of Cabinet refinishing West Vancouver has an extensive experience and has delivered their services to an uncountable number of clients.

Our Cabinet refinishing North Vancouver services are far less expensive than the cost of purchasing and installing new cabinets. The cost of each project will depend on the type of the finish you will select for your project and the size of it, the varying cost of labor and the materials. The number of cabinets to be refinished and the size of the cabinets play an important role in the total and final cost.

Hiring a professional to do the job for your project will not only save your time but also save your money as compared to doing the job by yourself. As without any experience and expertise, there will be more chances that your project might not be completed as planned. By hiring our team of Cabinet refinishing West Vancouver, will allow you to complete the project in time and the desired finish. Over the years the tastes and preferences of homeowners have changed. People are more inclined towards darker colors than the lighter one even and a certain group of homeowners likes to take challenges with bright and bold colors. This is a very cost-effective way to transform your old and shabby looking kitchen.

When you feel that the primary problem of your kitchen cabinet is just some cosmetic changes than cabinet refinishing is the right choice for you. Changing the finish, color old and outdated doors and attaching new drawer fronts, finished off by matching molding and new handles your existing kitchen cabinets look just like new expensive custom cabinets and will definitely revive the look back in your kitchen cabinets. So if you are in a search of Cabinet refinishing West Vancouver services than our skilled and team of experts is the right choice for you.

What We Do?
Kitchen remodeling can get easy and cost-effective through the procedures and our services of Cabinet refinishing North Vancouver. Our team resolves the cosmetic problem by installing new materials on the outside of your structurally sound and high quality existing cabinets, giving you the most for your money. In our each and every project, we offer a full range of style and door choices from made to order solid wood doors, drawer fronts and the hardware’s, and drawer boxes with wood veneers to a quality foil door at a lower price. So what are you waiting for schedule an appointment with us today?

Welcome to Reface the Kitchen, contact us if you want professional services of cabinet refinishing in North or West Vancouver. Visit now for more info! Check here Cabinet refinishing North Vancouver