Land Surveying Instrument: What Are Those Principals?

The advancement of the technology and miniaturization of electronic elements allowed the development of more advanced land surveying instruments such as Theodolites, Total Stations and GPS. These tools are making the tasks of surveying, leveling and measuring angles much easier with their robust and robotic technology. Multiple civil engineers, constructors, surveyors, and operators are increasingly implementing these solutions in order to get the best results within a shorter time with greater accuracy.

The use of these survey instruments in India is also becoming popular due to the benefits they offer. Let’s get to know more about these tools.

Electronic Theodolites:

These tools measure the horizontal and vertical angles digitally. Along with this, the measurement of the modulated microwave, produced by a small solid-state emitter within the tool’s optical path, and bounced off of the object that is sure to be measured. In the EDM, the modulation pattern in the returning signal is accurately read and interpreted by the onboard computer. The complete distance is determined by receiving and emitting different frequencies, and the determination of the integer number of wavelengths to the target for each and every frequency.

Their Principal:

In the EDM, the beam of light is the carrier that is reflected back from the mirror, which is located at the other end. They are the less expensive instrument because one active tool and battery are only required at one end and tool at the other end is simply a reflecting mirror centered over the ground center mark.

Total Stations:

This integrates all the functions of a theodolite to measure angles, the digital data, and EDM to measure distances and a data recorder. It has similar constructional features no matter what is there age or level of the technology. And, it is able to perform all basically the same functions.

Their Principal:

They are able to measure the distances of prism poles, which are mounted with a prism with the help of the laser beam or infrared rays. These signals are emitted by the tool and reflected back to the tool by the prism, which is mounted on the prism poles.

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