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Nowadays, texting is used to be one to one interaction with friends and family, but business use bulk SMS services to send multiple numbers at one time with a click of a button. The providers or you can say aggregators has designed a platform for organizations like media companies, e-commerce stores, banks, educational institutes or even for personal use.

Mobile marketing will be the best word to describe SMS marketing. It is widely used to notify customers about new products and services and also to informed them timely if there is any deals or promotional offers on that particular season. Like, E-commerce stores used it to provide order shipping details, refund status etc.

Other great benefits of using text messaging are-

1.To build up confidence level of customers when they have purchased product or service and also to build trust between B2C.

2.SMS establish a huge brand image in the competitive market. Sending timely messages regarding your business let them remember your brand for a long time.

3.Share promotional deals to your customers at the time you want. According to reports, mobile coupons redeem rates are much higher than printed coupons.

4.In the over-communicated world, customer attention is an important aspect. Businesses who’re customer-centric are the ones that have eyeballs of their prospects and usually, they will pay for it through the nose.

5.Bulk SMS Service is going to save your lot of time because it is fully automated.

6.Statistics have shown that 78% of recipients respond to text messages if it is a two-way campaign. Little things in SMS like effectiveness and quality play critical roles in the overall success of SMS campaigns.

In case if you have any doubts regarding Spam factor while sending your ads to consumers, don’t worry SMS is spam free. There are high chances that your SMS will get opened in minutes as compared to email marketing and no spam filters are there until you send promotional messages before 9 am and after 9 pm.

When it comes to the pricing of text SMS, it is cheaper than traditional tools. Traditional methods required efforts & time to choose the right location where to print ads, where to distribute flyers or will they’ re able to catch customers attention? In texting your every set of information will reach into the hands of customer or recipient. Make sure to not make it longer because people might get annoyed or bored.

The only cons of SMS are no animation or image is allowed. But I don’t think so it’s a big thing. Words are enough powerful if you have strong promotions. A 160 character text can effectively raise your brand awareness in this competitive edge. Because people want short, simple and valuable information rather than those lengthy 300-400 words email. They don’t have enough time to sit and read your email or brochure, a beautiful and useful can take your business to a new height.

To being with the bulk SMS messaging campaign, select the trusted gateway provider who offers high deliverability up to 99.9%. Make sure they have options to schedule your SMS for future date and time, Unicode messaging to share notifications in the regional language of the recipient and live campaign tracking with exportable reports.