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North America IoT Services Market is expected to grow from USD XX Billion in 2015 to cross USD XX Billion by 2024, with a CAGR of more than XX% between the forecast period of 2016 and 2024.

The segments considered under the scope of the report includes type (professional, and managed), vertical (manufacturing, retail, it & telecom, transportation & logistics, utilities, healthcare, energy, others), and geography (U.S. and Canada).

North America IoT Services Market

The professional services sector’s main assets are expertise and knowledge that are typically delivered by highly skilled professionals and, and by the knowledge-based systems. The Internet of Things (IoT), consists of invisible sensors interacting seamlessly with each other, is not traditionally associated with professional services but is gradually being implemented due to the increase in adoption and demand.

The dynamics of the workplace in North America are changing fast, with digital technologies enabling remote work, talent networks, greater collaboration, and mobility in organizations.

Companies are working on providing high levels of expertise, such as consultancies, and audit with the legal firms rethinking workplace dynamics. It helps in promoting social collaboration and knowledge sharing by introducing IoT-based and big data technologies into their workplaces.

One such example is Deloitte in the United States using an award-winning internal application to offer services to consultants when they are in the office ranging from hoteling or workspace reservations, connecting consultants with other team members, along with providing travel concierge services.

The IoT based services and application used by the companies recommend destinations and also send push alerts in real-time keeping at par with the change in weather or traffic conditions.

A user profile is built up over time using these services, based on preferences and a history of interactions, to enable predictive capabilities together with delivering more personalized recommendations.

The company benefits using these North America IoT Services Market from greater productivity, optimal use of space, and optimal utilization of consultants’ time and expertise. Certain key factors that are taken into consideration by the companies in the services include:

• Project designing and planning
• Development
• Deployment
• Knowledge Transfer
• Solutions Consulting

To run the North America IoT Services Market technologies successfully, a properly managed service across each layer of IoT ecosystem is required. The IoT consists of devices, connectivity, security, applications and an efficiently managed service is required to manage these in an effective way. Hence managed services will play a major role in the North America IoT Services Market.
The managed services consists of managed devices, managed security services, managed networks, and managed infrastructures where the managed security services are expected to play a key role.

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