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Since the last decade or so, water purifiers have been the talk of the town, with the ever-increasing pollution and new diseases that are being spread, people have realized the importance of drinking clean and purified water. A report published by Times of India last year shows that 1 person dies in every 4 hours due to contaminated water. You can see a water purifier in almost every household and the water purifier for hospitals and industries are customized as per the needs.

You have decided to buy a water purifier, what next?? The biggest headache is to choose the right water purifier for your needs. The water purifier industry has a huge market in India and with lots of brands, it is never easy to choose one. Higher the number of choices, the more confused you ought to be. If you are new to this whole water purifier concept, then I am pretty sure you won’t be able to understand almost half of the things that the salesperson tells and with all the technical terms, it only becomes more complicated. This article covers all the basic things that you need to know about water purifiers and water treatment systems.

The first thing you need to know in selecting a water purifier is to understand the nature of the water. You will have to understand the source and the TDS value of the water. TDS stands for Total dissolved salts and the TDS value is measured in ppm (parts per million).

Hard water contains more mineral salts and has a ppm of 120-180

Soft water has less mineral salts and has a ppm of less than 17.0

The Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) has listed the maximum TDS limit of safe drinking water as 500 ppm and Minimum of at least 30 ppm.

I am sure hearing these words will take you right back to your school/college chemistry books and quite frankly they were terrifying. You don’t have to relive that; we are here to make life easier for you and below is an overview of different water purification techniques available in the market. A combination of these techniques is used in the drinking water dispensers to make it very effective.
Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

These are the most basic and least expensive water purifiers available in the market.

Opt for these water purifiers only if the ppm value is less than 300 and there is no impurities or mud present in the water.

These purifiers are very mobile, easy to install and occupy less space.

They don’t need electricity to operate and their price ranges anywhere from 1000 to 5000 rupees.

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