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Electric submersible pump (ESP) or sub pump is a device having hermetically sealed motor that is coupled to the pump body. The entire system is submerged into the fluid to be pumped. Submersible pumps are more efficient than jet pumps as they push fluid to the surface whereas jet pump pulls the fluid. Moreover these pumps prevent pump cavitation that is cause by high elevation difference between pump and the fluid surface.

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The electric submersible pump systems are one of the most effective artificial lift methods of pumping fluids to the surface. They are widely used in the oil and gas industry due to its higher efficiency, low maintenance and low space requirements. ESP are used to take out products from wells with low bottom hole pressure effectively. They are high volume and depth champions among other oil field lift systems. On the other hand these systems needs vey high voltage and electric supply and as they produce highly viscous oils moreover the ESP systems are less flexible and can’t be operated at variable speed. The growing oil & gas industry is driving the market for ESP systems and has several opportunities for the market in future.

The major application of ESP is segmented in two types including onshore water flood operations and all the other subsea productions where large volume of fluids has to be lifted. The ESP pumps are found in many applications that can be categorized in two type single stage pumps and multiple stage pumps. The single stage pumps are used for drainage, industrial pumping and sewage pumping and multiple stage submersible are typically borehole that is used for residential, commercial and industrial water extraction and in oil wells.

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Some of the market players of this market are Falcon Pumps Pvt. Ltd., Grundfos Pumps Corporation, and Walrus America Inc. amongst other manufacturers.