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The best thing about the Furla Club Quartz R4251116503 Women’s Watch is an extra bezel that changes the entire appeal of your outfits according to your mood. It’s a different kind of glamorous, enhanced elegance to say the least which gels in with your daily wear but without sacrificing your own, personal style. At times, it also brings out your rebellious side and the spirit is nothing else than the one that rules the global musical scene.

The Furla Club Quartz R4251116503 Women’s Watch unleashes a typical, upbeat, metropolitan vibe that’s based on the tribal designs that made headlines during the yesteryears, reflecting a time to blend cultures that are poles apart together towards creating an original design that combines exclusive details to define newer aesthetics, making the Spring and Summer fashions of 2017 soar to newer heights in the urban club scenarios.

The two bezels of the Furla Club Quartz R4251116503 Women’s Watch is to make your look follow your mood for the day whether it’s at the work or at the party. Crafted thoughtfully to match serious, glamorous and elegant social settings equally, the Furla Club Quartz R4251116503 Women’s Watch is also a good choice for the poolside deck day party. A sudden splash or an accidental dip shall make you worry no more about your watch’s general well-being. Apart from that, the Furla Club Quartz R4251116503 Women’s Watch brings forth a large number of fashion possibilities.

The Furla Giada Butterfly Quartz Women’s Watch is both elegant and feminine. One of the most sought after models from the Furla Club Ladies’ collection, the Furla Club Quartz R4251116503 Women’s Watch is beautifully crafted in high-grade materials and finishes. The rose-gold plating over surgical grade stainless steel is strong enough to stay unaffected against moderate bumps and abrasions; the same applies to its hardened mineral crystal glass.

The grey dial and strap and the grey satin dial creates an extraordinary contrast that goes with every color light or dark! The bright pink indices are the common factors among the Furla Club ladies’ watch range; it brings the trendy touch to this elegant watch.

Inside the Furla Club Quartz R4251116503 Women’s Watch is a Seiko VJ20 caliber. It’s accurate to the dot with a fluctuation of 3 to 5 seconds a day on either side. It’s uncomplicated, so impressively unyielding and trouble-free. Given a case that’s only 8mm thick, the movement got to be sturdy.

Bottom line: Changeable straps are out! Time to move into the magic of interchangeable bezels! The Furla Wrist Watch just does that, bringing you countless possibilities in the domain of outfit pairing. It’s something no other watches – irrespective of the brand – thought about so far.