QA Mentor Offers the Best Automation Testing Services Worldwide

QA Mentor is one of the best software testing companies providing the best automation testing services to its global customers. The automated testing is a process that uses some tools to run scripted text in a predetermined and systematic manner. An automated test can be scheduled to run 24 hours, with or without the need of any person to monitor it. While there is no requirement of a software testing engineer to manually monitor these tests, the creation of the tests does require deep knowledge about these tools and scripting efficiency.

The main purpose of automation testing is to reduce the efforts and time of the testing process to improve software quality. Most of the automated testing tools require a certain level of knowledge about the tools and the process of automated testing. The QA Mentor is one of the best software testing companies that stand out in providing the best automation testing service.

One of the most crucial decisions to take while implementing the automated testing is to determine what tool will suit best for the project. If invested in a wrong tool, the company can suffer a loss of both time and money and will also not be able to get the desired results. The QA professional team of automation experts of the QA Mentor can help you in selecting the correct tool for your project. Also, the automation framework design services create a framework for your organization using a systematic, multi-stage approach and replacing the inefficient scripting with a well-defined and reusable automation process.

QA Mentor’s professional work approach to provide the best automated testing service provides many benefits to the customers. The company assists clients in different stages of the testing process.

• The team creates a detailed test plan to run your automation testing project.
• Professional automation experts provide assistance in selecting the right tool for your automated testing project.
• The QA experts create your automation scripts.
• Executes your test cases
• Report detected bugs and errors

The best software testing company, QA Mentor, also provides various other functional testing. Some of which includes:
• Regression testing
• Acceptance testing
• Alpha testing
• Beta testing
• Database testing
• Integration testing
• End-to-end testing
• Unit testing
• White-box testing
• Black-box testing

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About QA mentor
Founded in 2010, QA Mentor, Inc. is leading independent software testing company has headquarter in New York. It has a strong global presence with operational branches in 8 different countries, UK, United States, France, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and India. QA Mentor offers more than 30 QA testing services which is greater than any other independent software company in the world.