When Will Fortnite Season 7 Begin and What You Should Know about It

Fortnite season 6 has reached the stage of week 8, so it is not crazy to begin looking forward to and recognizing about Season 7. Earlier this month, developer Epic Games mentioned that Fortnite has 8.3 million concurrent players. A quite staggering quantity, especially because the game celebrated its initially birthday in September.

It really is not tough to see that anticipation for Season 7 is about to reach fever-pitch. But what will the subsequent main update to the game bring to its map and mechanics? When will season 7 start? You may locate the answers you wish under. In addition, while waiting for the arrival of season 7, it is wise to reserve enough fortnite save the world items.

When does Fortnite Season 6 end?

Fortnite seasons tend to final a total of 10 weeks. Although Epic Games haven’t produced an official comment on when Season 6 will finish, the in-game counter shows that it really is as a result of concluding on Wednesday, December 5.

Fortnite updates have already been released on a slightly much less rigid schedule in Season 6, but challenges, as well as the beginnings of weeks, nevertheless have a tendency to come on a Thursday, so Season 6 ending on a Wednesday wouldn’t be a surprise.

When does Fortnite Season 7 begin?

There hasn’t been any official word from Epic Games just yet, but the common consensus is that Season 7 will start on Thursday, December 6.

With that mentioned, the switch involving Season 5 and 6 was delayed by about ten days, so we can’t assure something till an official announcement is produced.

What will the Fortnite Season 7 skins and theme be?

We never ever know for confident till a new season arrives, but an element of your entertaining of Fortnite will be the rampant speculation more than what each new significant update may well bring. The existing map transformations, with giant purple cube Kevin exploding, transporting players to yet another dimension and leaving fragments of itself scattered all more than, stay an intriguing mystery.

Even so, with Season 6, Epic seemed to embrace the spooky season with its ‘Darkness Rises’ theme; dropping shadow stones on the map and releasing skin costumes primarily based on a funky Halloween party.

The current line of considering, then, is the fact that Season 7 will function a wintery Christmas theme. Possibly covering the map, or aspect of your map, in thick snow. Christmas skins will certainly abound, with millions of folk dressed as Santa flossing around the globe.

Though this all appears a pretty obvious assumption, additional fuel to this line of thinking comes together with the retail release of the Deep Freeze bundle. Epic are releasing the boxed solution on 16 November, which characteristics a snowsuit skin and other wintery goodies. Though these in-game objects will be exclusive for the bundle, it may be a portent of skins to come.

But that is certainly unlikely to be all, with significant alterations to the map’s topography beyond a light dusting. What additional impact will Kevin’s fragments have around the land? It has already destroyed Loot Lake totally, immediately after all. As Season 7 draws closer, expect further teases to come.

How much will the Season 7 Battle Pass expense?

Count on to find out Season 7 Battle Pass cost about exactly the same quantity as previous seasons, about 950 Fortnite V-Bucks (~ $10).

The Battle Pass provides you with the possibility to unlock a range of exclusive skins, emotes and also other cosmetic things as you level up by way of all of the tiers.

You will also get the chance to complete Battle Pass challenges and if earlier seasons are something to go by, unlock a mystery skin by way of a series of bonus challenges like this year’s ‘Hunting Party’.

How lengthy will Season 7 final?

We’re expecting Season 7 to become another ten-week affair, with 10 sets of weekly challenges and one hundred Battle Pass tiers to perform via. Epic Games commonly start out dropping hints and data about the coming season as it draws closer.