Tropicanna Horticulture Offering Quality Reflector Light Kit, Perfect for Winter

Tropicanna Horticulture, the UK’s favourite hydroponics supplier, has recently placed one of their leading hydroponic reflector lighting kits in their ‘special offers’ collection, allowing for all of their customers to ensure that they are able to keep their grow tents bright and warm this winter.

The company who have recently been praised for sharing expert winter hydroponics tips, are now offering the 600W Pro Gear Ballast Euro Reflector Light Kit from just £59.99 with a Sunlux bulb and the option to upgrade to Sunmaster and Osram bulbs.

This kit is one of the most affordable hydroponics lighting kits available within the entire hydroponics industry, and contain all of the equipment needed to light up grow tents and rooms.

You can buy this light kit and check out Tropicanna Horticulture’s other special offers here:

A spokesperson and representative from Tropicanna Horticulture was incredibly eager to comment saying, “Here at Tropicanna Horticulture we see it our job to provide people with affordable, high-quality hydroponics equipment and always ensure that we have special offers available for our customers to take advantage of. People are advised to check out our special offers on a regular basis and they are constantly changing.”

About Tropicanna Horticulture

Tropicanna Horticulture is a leading hydroponics store offering everything all hydroponics equipment needed for people to grow hydroponically in the comfort of their own homes. From complete hydroponics kits to individual items such as iso max fans, lights and more, if you are looking for something hydroponics related, no matter what it may be, this company is bound to be able to assist you. For full details regarding the industry leading company and to view their expert collections do not hesitate to visit their website today.
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