SMSC a messaging solution available easily to businesses and how does it benefit your business?

In the present time, SMSC i.e (Short message service center) is a solution who is making a variety of messaging solutions available easily to the consumers. SMSC is nothing but a scalable and flexible messaging infrastructure.

A short message service center is a network element in the carrier network operator. Its main purpose is to store, forward, convert and deliver SMS messages to the end-users.

The Task of an SMSC Solution can be described as:-

1. Reception of SMS messages from various wireless network users

2. Storage of all text messages

3. Forwarding of text messages to the right path

4. Delivering those forwarded messages to mobile network users

5. Maintenance of unique timestamps in SMS messaging

6. When a client sends a message to another user, the message gets stored with SMSC which delivers it to the end destination when they’re available.

Moreover, an SMSC is center to your A2P messages processing. This great solution of the mobile networking receives, stores, forwards text messages of businesses to the right operator and from there delivered to the end-user. This service caters the needs of different carrier operators and end-users by letting them use services like spam control, bulk texting etc.

How SMSC benefit your business organization?

Low suspension- It reduces the time interval between the stimulation and response.

Quick SMS delivery- Ensures high delivery of text messages owing to direct connectivities to major carries at the backend.

Error-code based SMS delivery- See the better visibility into your text SMS marketing campaign delivery.

Easy expandability- SMS centers have enough potential to scale up as per mobile operators requirement.

Handles SMS operations- SMSC is the portion of a wireless network that handles all SMS operations with an ease such as routing. Although, wireless network operators establish SMSCs through SMS gateways.

A direct SMSC Gateway is provided by the bulk SMS service provider of your country. It is a software-based application or you can be called it an element within a software entreaty that link directly to an operator SMS center via the internet or another direct line. The SMPP protocols are widely used to exchange SMS between an application and the SMSC. An SMSC gateway is used by aggregators and other big businesses who have huge requirement of SMS services. In simple terms, it is basically employed for huge volume SMS messaging and require a compact directly with a mobile operator.

Instead of making the use of the latest technologies in clustering and load balancing, it is more affordable, a high performance which gets anyone out of the volume crunch and save a big amount of money too. The recent developer SMSC 4 series supports both traditional and IP-based signaling and it uses intelligent routing to reduce HLR load and network termination expenses by up to 50% or more than this. If you choose SMSC 4 series it provides you a simultaneous multi-protocol support in a single system. Additional key features include shortcode tools, live reporting, prepaid support, and enhanced retries mechanism.